May 9, 2016

The Sex Quiz: How to Tell if You Have Gone too Long without Sex.


Sex Quiz questions.

Please answer the following questions with a “yes,” “no,” or “maybe” as honestly as possible:

Have you gone too long without sex?

Have you had good sex?

Does it matter who you have sex with?

Have you ever had sex with an animal?

Those are the four questions to determine whether you have gone too long without sex. The answers are below—grade yourself and hopefully some revelations about sex will be forthcoming.

Have you gone too long without sex?

Too long without sex isn’t measured in hours, days, months or years.

Too long without sex is when you have forgotten that sex doesn’t solve much. If you think that sex will make you happy, fulfill you or cobble a relationship together, then you probably should have sex soon: just to interrupt your crazy day dreams.

The only problem that sex has ever solved is the absence of children.

Going too long without sex has you imagine that intercourse will cure the common cold, erase the national debt and make you immortal.

While sex isn’t exactly tennis, yoga or hiking, it is just another activity.

It isn’t sex that offers what you want from sex. In fact, with a little practice, an active imagination and some patience you can simulate sex quite well. And, you can do so without the difficulties inherent in a relationship, or the risks of disease or connection prevalent in a sex life in today’s world.

Going without sex too long may have you imagine that buying a new car, the right lipstick or that new gym membership will get you laid. If you find yourself at the mall with a really long list of things you have seen advertised on reruns of Gilligan’s Island then you simply must have sex soon.

Not even the most sexually frustrated person in the world can single handedly turn the economy around by purchasing stuff that appears to make him/her self more desirable.

If you think sex is important, or meaningless you have gone too long without sex.

Have you had good sex?

Maybe is the only correct answer to whether you have had good sex.

Calling sex good doesn’t make it good anymore than calling a three legged dog’s tail a leg that makes it a four legged dog.

No matter how good you think your sex has been your sample size is so small that Gallup or Nielsen wouldn’t consider it valid. You shouldn’t either.

In my last relationship I had great sex because I had to. The relationship lacked so many elements that are important to me that I simply had to proclaim: “This is the best sex I have ever had,” or leave.

Sex should never be good enough to determine whether you hop in, or get out of, a relationship.

The key to the best sex ever is simple and counterintuitive: Focus all your attention on yourself.

Even when going down on someone your attention belongs focused only on yourself. I know this flies in the face of everything you have been told. But try it and you will soon discover that attention focused on yourself makes the difference. Unless you have had sex with attention totally on yourself you haven’t had the best sex you can.

In relationship share attention. But during sex be the shepherd of your own pleasure.

Focussing attention on yourself during sex isn’t selfish. It makes peak experiences more likely for you, and there is nothing more satisfying to both of you, than sharing over the moon experience while naked rolling around in bed.

Does it matter who you have sex with?

If your answer is “yes” then you haven’t been too long without sex.

If your answer is “no” or “maybe,” then read on to learn more about having your best partner.

If you are starving you won’t care what you eat. If you are sex starved you won’t care who you have sex with.

You won’t be particular.

If you really just needed sex you could pull up to Sex in the Box, a drive through visit to some faceless, voiceless, person poised and ready for you. They would provide intercourse, oral sex or a glance at some attractive feet, whatever you wanted. Then, after paying a reasonable price per minute, you would be on your way—happy as a clam and ready to bring satisfaction to your day.

But such a place doesn’t exist, and I think it is because the market place doesn’t want it. We are often frustrated about something, and absence of sex makes an easy target.

We are so crazy about sex that if we are married we imagine we would have more sex if we were single and single souls imagine they would have more sex if they were in relationship.

Nearly every couple experiences imbalances of sexual desire. When they do they argue, panic or look for the exit.

All couples experience imbalances of sex drive. But sex isn’t relevant enough to rock the foundations of relationship. It’s such a tiny part of being with someone. But it is often the part blamed for the stresses and strains a couple face.

Sex is a scapegoat, a common one, never as relevant as we make it. As it becomes a little less relevant it will become both more likely and lighter.

Have you had sex with an animal?

If you said “no” to this then you are likely a bit uptight and have distanced yourself from your roots. We are all animals, so, not only have you had sex with an animal, every time you had sex you were an animal…because you are an animal.

Sure, you walk on two feet, but when it comes to sex most of us are just crawling along anyway. There is no high and mighty sex on this planet, at least not between people, because we are so insecure we have sex to try and get approval or attention not just for the pleasure of sex itself.

My friend Michael speaks of the best sex he ever had. He was on assignment, a newspaper correspondent in Africa. He was visiting a small, isolated tribe. He was to spend the night there, and as was their custom, the tribe members offered that he sleep with a young tribe member instead of sleeping alone.

Sleeping alone didn’t make sense to them, it simply wasn’t part of their culture. They viewed it as not healthy. I think they were on to something.

And I knew they were on to something when Michael spoke of his night of love. While there was no fancy dinner, or small talk, or nuances of relationship between them, these two went at animal sex, grunting and groaning deeply in pleasure all night long. Their sex was physical as they rolled around on the ground in unencumbered passion.

In the morning they went their separate ways, with him having the best sex he ever would and her having a beautiful night, one of many she would experience in her life. Not a lot of thinking, or wedding planning went on that night. And, surprisingly, Michael never longed for sex again after that. He never imagined that he wasn’t getting enough sex. Rather than focusing on quantity of sex after that he knew something about quality.

He had experienced quality sex. It satisfied him, thrilled him and filled him with a lifetime of sexual fullness. He has had lesser sex since. But deeply inside him burns the memory of what sex that bought out the animal in him.

The Sex Quiz

However you did on this sex quiz rejoice, your score isn’t static and neither is your sexual repertoire. Sex is juicy and fluid as can be. Sex is never as serious as we imagine it to be and as we relax into that fact anything can, and will, happen.


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