June 4, 2016

Energy Forecast: June 4th–June 11th—Pure Love is in the Air.


June starts off with waves of very high vibrational loving energy. This loving energy is not just reserved for romantic relationships, it is invading every dynamic in our lives.

“Love is in the air” is without doubt the theme for this entire week.

With the concept of love floating around, it probably seems like it is going to be a wondrous, magical week, but we also need to remain aware that whenever love appears, fear tries to make an appearance too. The reason for this is that when we fully expose ourselves to giving and receiving love, the opening of the heart center can unveil to us some of our oldest and most painful unhealed wounds.

We don’t need to worry though, because at the core of the heart there is no pain and no emotional scars. It is pure loving energy and it is a sustainable, renewable resource. We cannot run out of love, regardless of how much of it we give out. We simply cannot become depleted because as soon as we give it, more love has already been renewed in its place. The heart is our most powerful energy center.

The only thing that stunts the growth of love is fear. Fear is the instigator and cause of all of our emotional wounds. Each time we experience a fear-based emotion, our loving energy is constricted and after a period of time, love is unable to fluidly flow through. Fear drains us, but love revitalizes us. Fear causes wounds, but love heals them.

It goes without saying that this is the week to focus on eliminating our unnecessary and irrational fears. As soon as we rid our mind of the overwhelming fear that is there, our heart will gratefully respond by radiating potent loving energy.

To remove our fears we simply need to understand them. This week we can spend a little time listening to our emotions cry out as we remove the cords that are binding our hearts. As our emotions are unearthed, we can acknowledge, soothe and then identify the root cause of them. As soon as we empty ourselves of all the hurtful memories we have knowingly or unknowingly been holding on to, and once we have unraveled all the barbed wire that is wrapped tightly around our hearts, we can begin to love without feeling the familiar pangs of pain.

All of our wounds tie us to those who have similar unhealed wounds. It is difficult to have healthy, nourishing relationships when we have so many energetic injuries hidden, denied and forgotten, so this is why we end up in dysfunctional karmic connections. When we are least expecting it, our shadow emotions seep out unexpectedly and project themselves onto those around us. When our emotions are stored up we will feel insecure, resentful, jealous, fearful, angry, frustrated and we will see all of these things mirrored in anyone we interact with. Friends, colleagues, family members and even strangers will take the brunt of our hidden aches and pains.

This is the time to really start to truly listen to ourselves. We can’t just keep putting this healing off until next week or the week after, the time is now. It is not as complicated as it sounds. We just have to sit with ourselves and listen to the repetitive thoughts that are at the forefront of our minds, and pay attention to the emotions and feelings that arise whenever we connect with someone. What is it all telling us? Trace the sensation. It leads somewhere. Find the root, reason and rationalize with it, soothe and care for it and with tenderness and compassion let the tension and clogged up energy go so that we can allow our inner wounds to heal.

There is nothing at all we need to hold on to. Everything has already affected us, we don’t need it to repeat and repeat and cause us lifelong difficulties. We don’t need to spin in the same vicious cycles throughout our lives, we can break free from those repetitions and forge a new way through.

We are now being called to start on a transformative journey towards pure love. Not just the mediocre love that we have gotten used to, the intensive, burning, open-hearted and mad, passionate, unconditional, non-judgmental love that we have always had inside us—that wants to be freed and shared with all beings.

We don’t just have to reserve our love for a chosen “one.” Everyone can feel the powerful charge of our emanating love. Love does not choose one. It chooses all.

Many of us have been caught in a paradigm that tells us that love should be guarded, it should only go to those who treat us well, or those who we are romantically or related to, or those who love us in return. No, no, no. Every living, breathing creature on this planet, all life forms, in fact, the whole of the earth can receive our love. It is free. It is renewable. It is not selective. It does not give out and then expect something in return. Love gives and gives and gives. The more it gives, the more it recharges and the more buoyant, joyful and fulfilled we will feel.

We cannot lose by radiating our love.

This week is the week to finally sit down with consideration and compassion, and interrogate our fears so that we can begin to finally understand them. Ask it everything and then listen to everything it says.

Fear has had the upper hand for far too long. However, this is the week to start seeing that with awareness that love always wins. Always, always.


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Author: Alex Myles

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