July 24, 2016

A Message for the Strange Ones.



“I am madly in love with humans. Especially the strange ones. For it is ever so beautiful to be strange. To do things differently than others. To see things in a rare light. To me, that is such gold to carry.” ~ Christopher Poindexter

Has anyone ever called you strange?

Be thankful.

Strangeness is stunningly, exquisitely, extraordinarily beautiful.

Be proud. Your “strange” means your reality is a little—or even a lot—different from some other peoples’ reality.

You are the only edition. Unique. Irreplaceable. Rare. You are an intriguing one of a kind divergent, an individual who is totally unlike all the others. An uncommon treasure worthy of love and you deserve to be cherished and adored.

People who need to be the same are terrified of strange ones who deviate. They cannot bear that you aren’t like them and they find it absurd when someone who is quirky and unfamiliar defiantly marches outside their carefully drawn out lines.

Unusual, weird, unconventional, odd, outside the box, random, eccentric, bizarre or even crazy. I’ve heard them all.

They might tear at you, ridicule and mock your mysterious alternative ways. They may even callously laugh or call you out as you walk on by. Be brave limitless, wild, unrefined one. Stand up, hold your head high unapologetically and be taller. Please promise you won’t let them crush, break or pull you down.

Shine brightly crackling, slightly crooked, star, and never fade out. You’ve just fallen onto a planet that doesn’t make sense. I know it isn’t this planet’s fault that your irregular shape doesn’t fit the slot. It’s just that human beings have meddled, mixed and muddled this integration thing up. They divide, separate, build walls and categorize people to maintain a misguided, stuck status quo.

You see, you aren’t here to settle for halves or to be mediocre. You aren’t here to have it all penned in, planned and finely figured out. You are here to lose your labels, escape normality and to challenge what’s common and comfortable. It is your role and soul responsibility to outrun anything that doesn’t burn the fuel you need to keep your wandering, wondrous imagination alive.

You are not a misfit, despite what they tell you. Their distorted perceptions just see you all wrong. You mystify, confuse and bewilder them. So, they conclude that you are alien-like and they step back and isolate you. But, their narrow, disjointed opinions are meaningless and they aren’t your truth. And besides, you belong to yourself and to the universe, and the universe certainly won’t judge or decide. So why should anyone else be given the right to just because they can’t figure out how un-typically your heart opens and expresses itself and how your brain is wired. You are vital, essential and welcome. There are no exclusions.

They may find you strange but I find you curious, fascinating, exceptional, admirable and revolutionary. Whether you see this or not, your self-acceptance is inspiring others to take off their masks and expose the stunning strength that it takes to embrace diversity, snap outdated beliefs and rock the ancient paradigms that are impossible to understand. You have been sent to create a new way. And I know it is painful but your warrior heart is impacting this world and subtly daring people to consider their judgments and rejections, to readjust, to be kind and to care.

You dance to an unpredictable rhythm that others don’t even hear. You go it your own way, carving out tracks, despite how terrifying it is to navigate those winding forgotten, lonely, old roads on your own. The beat resounding from your soul is so loud and strong that you are compelled to fall into it and move courageously in the direction it calls. And the strangest thing of all is that you are only being yourself. You aren’t intentionally rebellious or trying to rip up a storm. And you aren’t really strange at all. You just don’t seek permission, validation or feel the need to conform.

Stay magnificently strange radiant love child of the glowing sun and midnight moon. You have a much clearer view when you are far away from the box. Never pretend, be true, shine bright and remain aware, as if they get the chance, the same ones will try to tame you.

“I was always fascinated by people who are considered completely normal, because I find them the weirdest of all.” ~ Johnny Depp


Author: Alex Myles

Image: Strange elephants in Boulder on work retreat

Editor: Travis May

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