July 18, 2016

Embracing Sex as a Divine Part of our Human Experience. {Adult}

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Warning: Adult content ahead! 


It is pure madness to deny our sexual nature.

Once upon a time, hundreds of years before the advent of the current patriarchal, monotheistic society we live in, we embraced and celebrated the sacred act of creating life.

Back then, it was the ultimate union between male and female—coming together in love. Male and female were celebrated.

Of course, this was in a time when we also acknowledged the sacred feminine aspect of creation, as well as the Earth.

Now we live in a society where people get upset when a woman breastfeeds in public.

Yes, things have changed drastically since those days, and yes we have come a long way since the Puritans were burning witches, but still we find that sex is taboo. As a society, we blush over breasts and butt cheeks.

There is a reason that these sexy articles are among the top-read subjects here, and why internet porn is such a huge industry. Because “Shhhhhh, don’t talk about it.”

Our society as a whole is still living in the sexual dark ages, blindly trying to find its way out of the Vatican’s Archives. This has resulted in extreme energetic blocks and fractures within us, which in turn result in our frenzied, egotistical and hateful society.

Well, I am saying it:

We need to embrace and encourage communication on these topics for everyone. I feel this would help esteem problems in our youth. In a society where no one wants to talk about anything controversial, lest someone will run off offended, I say, “Pooh! Let’s talk about sex, baby!” (Salt-N-Pepa had it right).

When we can openly talk about deep dark things without shame and fear, we grow exponentially.

We are spiritual beings living a physical, human existence on this material plane called Earth. The whole point of our time on this Earth is to gain experiences—as many as possible. It is through experiences that we find our awakening and enlightenment, where we can see and feel our true spiritual origins. Denying this part of our physical human experience is madness, and it drives us to insanity.

Denying our sexual nature is like putting on a blindfold and denying that we can’t see. It’s like plugging our ears like we’ve all done as children, and saying loudly, “Lalala I can’t hear you!”

Seriously. Who does that?

Well, I know I have. We all have. I was embarrassed to talk about anything sex-related for years because I was scared of judgement. I thought it was wrong. I was embarrassed and ashamed. None of us need to live in that denial.

Who are we to deny ourselves one of the most beautiful aspects of our human experience?

Denying it is like eating stale white bread every day. What’s the point? It’s bland, boring and un-stimulating. We have our senses for a reason! Let’s start using them.

Get erotic! When we have a partner with whom we have full trust and love, we can enter a whole new realm of our human, physical experience. Who wants to live a life with no salt and pepper? Or turmeric?

Have you ever tried putting on a blindfold, and then approaching foreplay? When we take away one sense, our other senses are heightened, and it brings the experience to a whole new level when we (literally) can’t see what’s coming next.

Adding in a little costume or outfit? Actually talking about desires with each other? (This was a big deal for me when I started.) Try keeping a few sexy pieces of clothing on. Pounce on your partner when they walk in the door! Talk about your fantasies over dinner. Embrace that naughty, kinky feeling that comes from being oh so inappropriate. Acknowledge it and have fun with it!

There is nothing wrong with anything between two (or more) consenting adults. Bring on the naughty. Stop taking life so seriously!

If we aren’t meant to enjoy our sexual natures, why then were we blessed with them?

Now, I’m not saying go out and sleep around in the name of celebrating sexuality, nor do I suggest running out and having an orgy. (Unless of course, all parties involved are that open to it, and in it for the right reasons.) We need not dishonor ourselves and others by allowing ourselves or others to be used in a sexual way. Our sexuality is not a means for validation or attaining self-worth. This is damaging.

As with anything that brings pleasure to our human senses, we must approach it with honor and self-love. We must approach it from a healthy place and an understanding of moderation and discipline. We must examine our motives. Take a lesson from the Greeks and Romans: If we sit around all day indulging in nothing but food and sex, the empire may collapse.

When we dwell in a balanced, healthy state of self-worth and self-love, then yes! Embrace those sexual desires and urges. Hell, at least talk about them! This is where so many of our problems come from—denial of our true nature. So much instability, illness, dis-ease, esteem issues and addictions arise out of our denial of ourselves. When we embrace the shadow aspects we are taught to repress, we find a much more balanced state of living.

When we feel an urge or desire that society has taught us is “bad” or “sinful,” then we feel shame and we don’t want to ever tell anyone. Years of these patterns create all sorts of disorders within ourselves. It’s like a compactor, eventually it’s packed so tight it malfunctions. I would be mental if every day I looked in the mirror and said, “Nope, not brown” about my hair. It’s still going to be brown.

It’s no coincidence that fanatical people who cling to dogmatic religious beliefs are the most outspoken when it comes to denying sexual nature. It has been since the advent of organized religions dominating a previously pagan world that this shift has occurred. The thing is, I understand where each and every person is coming from. I have been there at some point, in one life or another, and I remember now.

But let us return to our true nature. Let us stop suppressing and denying a key part of our human experience. Suppressed and repressed urges and behaviors manifest in a vast array of physical and mental dis-orders. When we embrace all aspects of ourselves it permeates every aspect of life. When there is no mental strife we feel better physically. When we accept ourselves we feel better about and grow into our self-love. This results in better overall self-care, which naturally transforms into a more healthy, balanced, and happy state of living in mind, body and soul.

This is one of the best things we can do emotionally. When we embrace the whole self—light and dark—we suddenly find there is no more shame. Shame is a learned emotion, and it only traps us when we feel as though some aspect of who we are is bad. When all aspects are embraced and accepted there is no room for shame. Our true nature is loving, sensitive and sensual.

The act that brings life is an energetic exchange between two connected souls in physical bodies. To deny this is to deny the spirit. To embrace it is to reintegrate all aspects that make us who we are.

Contempt prior to investigation comes from fear. Clinging and grasping to beliefs and judgements is a manifestation of fear. I am freeing myself of the bonds of that way of thinking and living, I am awakening through my human experiences in my lives on this Earth.

And yes, embracing my sexual nature and exploring the physical realm of my human experience has greatly helped me on my journey.

So, go get some!


Author: Lindsay Carricarte

Image: Phil Manker/Flickr

Editors: Emily Bartran; Toby Israel

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