July 25, 2016

Through the Eyes of a Giant. {Poem}


Look into my eyes—what do you see?

You will see a soul that no longer belongs to me.

My eyes are hollow, dead with no life—this was taken from me the day I was born, as you thought it was your right.

You take me away from the only love I know—my mom protects me the best she can, but her legs are chained and helpless is she.

She knows what’s going to happen to me…

You starve me, chain me tight, beat me until I scream in pain all night. I cry for my mom to come rescue me, but she too is chained and can only see me.

A new day begins and the pain starts again—it is more than I can bear. I’m thirsty, hungry and my sores are deep—it’s from the bull hook they use on me as I weep.

I am just a baby—why do they want to hurt me? Perhaps someday it will all make sense to me… 

My spirit is now broken, it has been days, the beatings are over, and I now obey.

I will be made to work doing man’s jobs—painting pictures, performing tricks at the circus and giving rides high above my spine to tourists who pay money to only think of their fun, and not mine.

The years are passing me by, and I’m getting old and weak. My eyes can no longer see, my legs no longer move like before, but I still give rides even though my back is raw and sore.

When the time has come, and I can no longer continue or see, I will lay my broken body down, close my eyes and dream of my soul that was taken from me.



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Author: Kim Hartman

Image: Flickr/aotaro

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

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