August 6, 2016

“A Women’s Guide To Changing A Tire.”

tire change

A Women’s Guide To Changing A Tire:

My favorite is the long pauses. My favorite is independent humorful humans:

Great reddit comment:
As a roadside dispatcher I can’t say how much I enjoyed this. The amount of times I’ve heard something along the lines of “im a woman I shouldn’t be expected to know how to change a tire or even know if I have a spare because that’s why I pay for roadside” is enough to drive me crazy. It’s usually followed by “what am I paying for roadside for if it’s going to take 60 minutes to get out to me?it’s just a tire change!”
Yes changing a tire can be arduous, frustrating and downright unpleasant. But so is waiting on a service to come out and do it for you especially since you probably only have 3 uses out of your roadside for the duration of your current term.
Learn to change a tire folks, it’s easy, worth the sweat, and definitely worth your time.
I should also point out that an equal amount of men and women use their roadside so liberally. Yes I’ve had grown ass men whine on the phone because the guy we were paying to come out would be at least an hour and they would have to wait.
I need a new job.”

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