August 12, 2016

Let’s Skip the Plastic & Have a Caipirinha.


Just recently I moved to Costa Rica. Living the dream in a small yoga community, being able to surf and enjoy delicious food.

I noticed a new trend coming up, that I was not aware of. Wooden Straws. To be honest I never saw that back home in Germany.

It totally makes sense to me, no plastic in my mouth and no plastic in the trash. Why didn’t someone come up with that earlier?

My favorite restaurant in town is having them as a part of their approach towards sustainability. Bringing awareness to this cause might have played a role in becoming my favorite place.

Every time we choose where to eat or get some drinks we make a choice. This choice can be of benefit.

Not only for our own feeling, but also for the support of local business taking the risk of reaching out for new ideas to make a difference. It is in our hands to support those restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

Noticing how easy we can change our habits towards using less resources to get the same or an even better experience can be part of mindful consumerism. It is all in our hands.


Author: Robert Busch

Image: Pixabay 

Editor: Robert Busch

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Robert Busch

Robert Busch is a certified 500 hour Yoga Teacher with German/Bulgarian roots. It was a long path that led him to be a yoga teacher. Experiences from playing in a punk rock band for six years, being a competitive snowboarder and working in the fashion industry set the ground for creating his own yoga style called, “DUDE-Yoga.” Find out more on his website or his Instagram.