August 21, 2016

Letter to the Buddha from a Wayward Buddhist. {Poem}

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I have been meditating almost daily for 43 years and have been part of a local buddhist sangha for over 10 years.

For some reason, in the last few years, age and failing health have led me to embrace my human state with all its imperfections. It is in this acceptance that peace and clarity have come.

I still remain devoted to a daily meditation practice, but letting go at times can bring moments of enlightenment and pure joy.

May all beings be liberated from suffering.  

Letter To The Buddha


Forgive me, but

I am a wayward Buddhist

who stays up too late.

Strong chai in the morning

receives my first bow.


During a sitting

my mind wanders

a thousand times,

but mindfulness,

brings it back again

until the bell chimes.


Impermanence is the rule,

so the wise men say,

but still my mind plans

as if I have

infinite time.


So as I gaze

upon your beloved image

as candles flicker

through this endless night,

please remind me that

effort, acceptance and devotion

will bring enlightenment

one fine day.



Author: Barb Clarke

Image: martinak15/Flickr

Editor: Nicole Cameron

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