August 6, 2016

#Songaminute Man Raises Funds & Awareness in the Most Inspiring Way. {Joyful Videos}


This is a different kind of carpool karaoke.

Instead of James Corden and a celebrity, we have a father and son. Their mission is not  merely to entertain us and lighten our day (although they do), but to also raise money and awareness of Alzheimer’s disease at the same time.

Ted and Simon MacDermott, from Clitheroe in the UK, have been singing, recording and posting videos online since early June, with links to a fundraising page in aid of Alzheimer’s Society UK.

Before he got married, Ted used to travel around the UK singing in clubs. After marrying he took a factory job, but continued to sing a bit on the side. He was given the nickname the Songaminute Man because of the breadth of his song arsenal.

Ted now has Alzheimer’s which, in addition to not knowing members of his family, has caused personality changes (sometimes violent) that have presented a challenge to his family. The Alzheimer’s Society provides a telephone helpline service that has been of immense support.

And Simon and his family want to give back to them.

When Ted sings, it gives everyone some respite from his symptoms.

“When we’ve got him singing again he’s back in the room. It’s these moments that we treasure.” ~ Simon MacDermott

But he’s also bringing joy to others.

Simon is recording Ted singing his old favorites and they are now embracing the carpool karaoke concept which internet addicts have become so fond of.

And viewers are enjoying the performances so much that they have now raised over £10,000 through their fundraising page.

Below are two videos and you can find more on their Facebook page. And you can support the fundraising effort by clicking here.

“The plan is to share as much of Dad’s singing as we can and hopefully it will help raise money to fund the work of the Alzheimer’s Society—more specifically to go towards paying for a person at the end of the phoneline to help other people like us.”



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