August 21, 2016

What every Empath must Know before they Date.

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If you’re an empath, you know what it feels like to feel everything and everyone.

Empaths are like energy sponges. We pick up on people and environments around us. Our compassionate, sensitive hearts, and well-tuned antennae can be a gift to us, and to those who get to be loved by us. But, our sensitive sides can also get us into trouble in relationships, if we lack awareness and the ability to manage our spidey-sense. Diving into relationships and the modern day dating world can lead an empath to a broken heart…or to the love of a lifetime.

If you’re an empath, read on, my friend, and we’ll navigate this dating world together.

The gift and the curse of a big heart.

Empaths have a knack for compassion. And I don’t mean your everyday kindness to strangers. I mean deep, loving acceptance and love for humans—even those who might seem hard to love to others. We have big hearts. This can be a gift in dating, because it opens us to many possibilities in partners. We can fall in love with many types of people. We can also create deep, loving, conscious relationships with a willing partner. This can make love easy, but it can also make love a danger zone if our compassion makes us ignore or minimize negative qualities in a partner that should be red flags not to be ignored. Why is this?

Empaths can be beacons for the broken.

Have you had a string of relationships with people who seem to need some healing or “fixing?” They might seem like they are empaths in hiding, who haven’t realized they are empaths. Or they might just be struggling in life. If you have a tendency to attract partners who haven’t done their own healing work to deal with issues like addiction, abuse, or trauma, you might want to take a look at this pattern. You may have your own history with the same issues. Empaths often struggle with what could be identified ascodependent behaviors, because of pain in their past, or because of their knack for compassion and care-taking.

On a spiritual level, empaths serve a purpose to help others heal. We can feel the pain in others, and find it difficult to turn away from someone who needs healing or guidance. It is vital to gain awareness of this pattern, and to learn how to set boundaries in your relationships. It’s not to say that we don’t offer some level of healing to each other in our relationships. However, if you see you have a pattern of giving more than you get, healing more than you’re healed, or loving more than you’re feeling loved, take note. Awareness and action to change this pattern will help you find a healthier and more balanced relationship. If you feel that you’re here to bring healing to others, try harnessing that gift into a healing profession instead of offering it to your partners. Bottom line…you may be here to help heal the world, but you don’t have to make it your mission to heal your partners…

You know what’s coming before your partner does.

As empaths, our intuition is constantly speaking to us. We often know what will happen in a relationship the moment we meet someone (but if we’re not tuned in to our intuition, we may…


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