August 30, 2016

What Lies Between. {Poem}

sleep dream deviantart girl lay ground

Light permeates the broken blinds.

Rays of sun dance along the tips of my eyelashes.
They hide among the corners of my lips,
Begging me to join the waking world.

The infinite moment,
Of forever and never—
In an instant.
As the world of slumber melts away.
Like an ice cube in drink,
On a summer day—
One that has come and gone.

Wiping sleep from my eyes,
As if I am wiping away the vague remnants of distant dreams.

In moments like this it is hard to tell,
Difficult to measure,
Impossible to say—
What lies between sleep and awake.





Author: Heather Tucker

Image: Natalia Drepina/Deviantart 

Editor: Renée Picard

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