September 3, 2016

Easy, One-Pot Meals for Meat Free Monday. {Recipes}

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Too much meat is not good a good thing—for our health, for animal welfare, or for the planet.

We all know this. But the move to becoming vegetarian or vegan can feel like a huge step. It can even seem like an impossible step.

Here’s the great news: we don’t have to take that leap. We can take baby steps and adopt one or two days a week that we dedicate to eating entirely meat-free meals. It all adds up and makes a difference. And the more people that adopt a regular meat-free day, the greater the difference.

That’s the idea behind Meat Free Monday.

By assigning a particular day as meat-free, we can start to get organized—in our heads and in our kitchens. To help with that, I’m scouring our recipe archives weekly to put together suggested meal plans.

Everything in this week’s plan is easy to make and easy to clean up after as we’re only using one pot or pan in the cooking.

Breakfast: Omelette

The availability of genuine free range eggs is going to start declining as the hours of daylight decrease. So, I’m currently having eggs for breakfast most days, while I can still get them from the farmer’s market.

I don’t like my omelettes plain. I usually fry up some onion, pepper and mushrooms first, and then add the beaten egg to the pan. I’m not great at flipping sides, so I usually cheat and finish cooking by placing the pan under a pre-heated grill. But flipping is always optional!

Lunch/Dinner: Spanish Rice

I’ve never made paella, but I suppose this is paella without the seafood. Instead, you have beans. And while this dish is quick enough to make for lunch, it’s also filling enough to be your main meal for the day.

Supper: Red Lentil Soup with White Wine and Fresh Thyme

This is a mouth-watering, slightly posh soup! (Adding wine is a genius touch.) Ready in half an hour, you have a delicious and hearty supper for tonight—and lunch tomorrow.

There’s plenty of alternative suggestions in the archives and we’d also love some more recipes to share with our readers. So, if you’ve got some favorites, why not submit them?



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Image: Robert Judge/Flickr

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