September 24, 2016

It’s Time to Use our Voices & Make our Mark.


To anyone who has ever doubted the relevance of their voice:

“… it only takes one voice, at the right pitch, to start an avalanche.” ~ Dianna Hardy

Finding my voice has been akin to a pregnancy.

It all starts with a whisper of an idea. A feather of a thought, no shape or volume. But if it is destined to be here, if it has the thirst for life in it, it will continue to grow.

As it gains strength, it starts manifesting its power, demanding attention until we can no longer ignore it. When the gestation process is nearing its term—it must be released. When the idea is ready, we will know exactly what to do.

Giving birth to a child is a fundamental function of womanhood, as well as a tremendous personal milestone. It is at once the celebration of an intensely intimate event and a participation in the unbreakable cycle of life on Earth.

For me it was the first concrete example of magic in life. It inspired me to ponder the mystery of conception of this particular life, of all life. I felt part of the perpetual process of continuation of our species, an important link in the grand scheme of things, the connecting piece between the past and the future.

As my own babies are turning into young women, I am again confronted with that same magic, as I witness in my own home the “Grand Plan” in action. My girls are in various stages of puberty, their bodies miraculously transforming themselves completely independently of their wishes or input, each in her own unique rhythm. And I again find myself pondering this endless cycle and the meaning of my presence and my purpose here.

From a biological standpoint, as a woman, my purpose was always quite clear. But now, as my girls are growing and will soon leave my nest, I feel with greater and greater certainty that I have more to give. I have fulfilled my biological duty. But now more and more there is a need, a duty that I must fulfill for myself.

I have always loved words. I was always impressed with their power. For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed listening, reading, writing, forming words into elegant sounds or shapes.

There are things to say.

The truth is I have been pregnant with an idea, with the need to leave a trace. My trace, for my children and for anyone else who cares to listen.

This particular gestation was not controlled by the perfect rules of nature, so it has taken me years. The observations, the opinions, the way with words and the need to express them were always there. It is the maturation process in my own mind, the fear of looking or sounding foolish and irrelevant, the potential ridicule and rejection, and my own insecurities that have held me back.

And today I feel that the time has come. It is time to give birth to the idea that I have carried in my dreams for too long: start making my voice public.

What I have to say will not change the course of life on this planet. What I experience as a daughter, sister, wife, mother, a woman and a human being is what every woman experiences.

Yet my perspective is uniquely mine. It was formed from suffering and joy, defeat and triumph, through blood, sweat and tears that is my particular life.

Just as my contribution to this world of my three children may not change the course of the world history, they are important as part of the continuous process of birth and death, magic and transformation, of which we are all a part.

To instigate change, every voice matters. Today I am taking the stand and contribute my voice to all the other voices of the human experience.

I invite you to do the same.





Author: Galina Singer

Picture: Flickr/Nan Palmero

Editor: Travis May

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