October 26, 2016

Don’t do Anything Else until You’ve watched Samantha Bee Slay Trump.

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Thank God for the comedic relief of Samantha Bee during this farce of an election.

I was blessed enough to not have to be tortured through the third presidential debate in real time, but reading about it was painful enough. I preferred the SNL parody of the debate, as they seem to get right to the heart of the issues at hand, rather than bantering around without making any real points as both of our candidates seem to have a knack for.

But this—this just made my day.

I honestly don’t know what I would do without these brilliant people calling bullsh*t as they see it amongst all the nonsense that our two main candidates for president seem to exude endlessly.

I’m at a point where I can’t even take anything that comes out of their mouths seriously. Trump is a despicable idiot and Hilary is corrupt to the core of her being. The only way for me to proceed forward in sanity is through commentary like this, via Samantha Bee.

In my personal favorite moment of Bee’s takedown, in her custom “Nasty Woman” t-shirt, Bee showed the clips of Trump fumbling through basic questions about gun laws, The Supreme Court and the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, or “Start Up” as Trump so profoundly called it. Her response was priceless, “It’s called ‘START’ you f*cking moron. Here’s a mnemonic, ‘It’s 14 days until the election. Time to START reading a book.'” I mean, someone has to say it.

It gets better and better as Bee touches on Russia, Putin, election results, abortion and rigged elections. And my second favorite moment? Her response to Republican policy over the last eight years. Just watch it for yourself. It’s worth the six minutes of your time, I promise.

This is not to say that I am a Hillary supporter by any means. I know in today’s America we are either “for” or “against” everything, and that heaven forbid there might possibly be a third gray area, but I can’t in good conscience vote for either one of these candidates. I’m the only one who has to live with my choice. {Editor’s note: If Trump wins we’ll all have to live with it, and many (more than usual) will suffer greatly.} 

So for now, let’s keep it light and just make fun of the whole damn circus. I don’t care who anyone chooses to vote for, I just pose you one challenge: know who you’re voting for.

We can come together, despite our differences, in comedic relief and love. Laughter is the great uniter. If we can’t laugh at this nonsense, we are taking it all too seriously. Break free of the fear and laugh in its face.

All the love and peace.




Author: Lindsay Carricarte

Image: Deviantart/Osaki-Kun

Editor: Travis May

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