October 27, 2016

Love Me, but Don’t Fix Me. {Poem}

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As he made his way to her soul,
he couldn’t help but notice her damaged pieces.
As he leaned to collect them,
she grabbed his hand and stopped him.

With sorrow in his eyes,
and willingness in his soul,
he muttered:
“Let me.”

With confidence in herself,
and faith in him,
she said:
“Love me, but don’t fix me.”

He wasn’t conscious of the fact
that she didn’t need to be fixed.
Her pieces were all over the place,
it’s true.
But she kept them there on purpose.

Stone by stone,
she built herself from scratch.

She is complete again,
beautiful again.

But, her motivation was in the pieces
she preserved.

She didn’t want anyone to pick them up,
let alone put them together again.
She only used them as a reminder
of what could happen
when you allow others to break you.

They kept her conscious of the importance
of not losing herself,
not leaving herself,
and not demolishing herself
in the process of loving another.

She looked at him,
and added:
“Leave them right where they are.
They will teach me how to love you,
while I love me.

They will let me see my past
while I crave a bright, less painful future.

They’re my lesson
that I desperately need.

Leave them right where they are,
so you remember this is not how you wish to turn me.

Behold them
and see what others did to me.
Behold them
and vow you won’t do the same.

Leave them right where they are.
Don’t fix me.
I’m fixed.

Love me with their presence,
And learn with me how to avoid them.”


Author: Elyane Youssef

Image: NataliaDrepina/Deviantart

Editor: Caitlin Oriel

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Read 1 comment and reply

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