October 18, 2016

The Power in Finding our Sexual Soulmate. {Adult}

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“He awakens the goddess in me. I elevate the god in him. True balance.” ~ Unknown


There are many kinds of connections, but the most powerful is the one that occurs when we find our sexual soulmate.

So often, we are consumed with finding the one—or our twin flame—but in that process we can often overlook the value in appreciating the soulmates that we are lucky enough to have come into our lives.

It’s easy for us to know when we’ve stumbled across someone who is from the same soul family as we are. The ease of the connection is noticeable, and the feeling of having known one another for many lifetimes usually becomes evident within just a few moments of meeting through shared synchronicities.

But how do we know when we’ve met a sexual soulmate?

The idea of a sexual soulmate isn’t a new one, but it is one that seems to have been downplayed because of the controversy involving the spiritual importance of achieving ascension through the process of orgasm and sexual connection.

Using sex to achieve balance—and a greater level of consciousness and spirituality—is an idea that not all believe in, but for many that is because they haven’t met their sexual soulmate in this lifetime.

The truth about twin flames or karmic soulmates is that we won’t know what type of relationship we are in, or have had, until a considerable amount of time has passed. We can suspect, but ultimately it takes a length of time to be able to study and understand the specific patterns of behavior that are associated with these unique romantic relationships.

But the really beautiful and electrifying thing about our sexual soulmate is that it’s often felt immediately.

It’s not just an attraction, but it’s coming together with ease and passion, each and every time—it’s about that person being able to get us off in a way that no one else has ever been able to.

The sometimes perplexing aspect of our sexual soulmate is that we often think because we are so amazing in the bedroom, the relationship is solely about sex—yet that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The sexual soulmate comes into our lives to connect us through our divine light—our Shiva or Shakti energy. Their core purpose is to connect with us on a deep sexual level to help us also learn how to connect to ourselves through the powerful vessel of sexual energy.

This process is the dropping down to our root chakra to feel ourselves move from a place of sacredness and sensuality. It’s making the realization that we are sexual beings first; regardless of what our daily lives entail, nothing can take away from that fact.

The sexual soulmate wakes up our inner god or goddess through their sexual energy interacting with ours, but the reality is this is just the doorway they will use to enter our soul. How far they come into our lives will depend on how much we are able to open to them and receive their unique energy.

Yet, like many powerful soul connections, this type doesn’t come without challenges.

One of the biggest challenges is that because of the heightening of our sexual energy, we often will think this relationship is solely about sex. Although the actual act will be very different with them—for those of us who are still awakening, it will be too easy to quickly dismiss this type of connection as sexual and nothing more.

However, unlike regular sexual trysts, the act of intercourse or penetration won’t just physically feel good, but will also inspire us, wake us up and elevate us energetically.

The lessons—for those experiencing the sexual soulmate type of connection—is to open ourselves up to one another deeply enough, so that we might be able to experience the relationship in its entirety, instead of limiting our experience out of fear or confusion because of the other types of relationships we’ve experienced.

The constant challenge will be whether we are in the place to approach it for what it is, or if we will still be trying to make it into something that feels like something we’ve had before.

Each soulmate that comes into our life does so in a unique way and for a distinctive set of purposes—and the sexual soulmate is no different, it’s just that instead of simply connecting in a platonic way, they will first connect with us sexually.

They will forever change how sex is experienced—and the more we engage in this type of connection with them, through our ability of be sensually connected to our lower chakra points, the more we will awaken and begin to not only undergo a personal transformation, but experience one in our overall lives as well.

The sexual soulmate’s purpose is to help us connect to our core feminine or masculine energy. That part of us that often gets overlooked in the daily monotony of responsibilities and obligations. Yet they come in, and by doing nothing more than what comes naturally, they are able to awake those parts of us that were sleeping for far too long, and remind us that we are amazingly beautiful in our natural sensuality, and that we deserve someone who can touch us in that way.

Whether the sexual soulmate comes into our lives permanently is up to us and the individual journey of the other.  Nothing is determined or written in stone, and there are no categorically negative aspects to living life with our sexual soulmates—it just depends on where our journey leads us and if we desire to have a union like that in our lives long term.

Usually these types of soulmates aren’t short term, because usually there is so much to experience and learn with this nature of connection that both people become at least invested in feeling all that is possible during their time together.

Yet whether our sexual soulmate comes into our lives to stay, or merely to help awaken us and direct us on a different path, there is no doubt that another won’t ever be able to go as deeply as they can—or as effortlessly.

“Knots of two souls are stronger than the knots of two hearts…” ~ Shar Daula


Author: Kate Rose

Image: Flickr/Shan Sheehan

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