November 26, 2016

A Love Letter to my Sweet Wild Woman.


I am no longer afraid of you, Wild Woman.

For you are the keeper of my light and the guide to my deepest truths.

I no longer reject you, Wild Woman.
Because for too long I’ve believed a false story.
A story which tells me you need to be contained, tamed, quiet and “good.”

I will no longer avoid you Wild Woman.
Because you have the power and strength to shake the Earth with your voice, your body and your love. You have the wisdom that sees and knows. You dance and sing to the heartbeat of the Earth.

I release you, Wild Woman.

I hear your cries and I feel your tears.
You are pulsing with love, ecstasy and aliveness.

I release you to embody your wildness and stir up this planet with every cell of your being.

I release you to ignite that spark inside of you and light the biggest fire you know possible.

I want to remind you, Wild Woman…
It is okay to love and embrace your body. It is okay to know you are beautiful.
I want to tell you that you can let go of the walls you’ve built to keep yourself safe.
Because you’ve been passed on the belief that a Wild Woman is not safe.

But perhaps the safest place for you, dear one, is in your wildness.
It is in your embodiment of truth and strength,
It is within your divine intimacy with the trees, the rivers, the mountains and the dragonflies.
It is within the whisper of the wind and the song of the birds.
It is alive like the heat of the fire and the calm of the ocean.
And it is in within you while you sway your beautiful body and dance under the moonlight.

I set you free.
I set you free because this is not only about you.
It is about the generations of Wild Women who came before you that were suppressed.
It is about the Wild Women of the future that need to know their wild nature is to be embodied.
So that they know that our wildness cannot be tamed.

I am the one who will dance naked around the fire.
I am the one who will climb trees and play in the mud.
I am a woman of the stars, of the jungles and of the mountains.

I am no longer afraid of you, Wild Woman.
I love you. I feel you. I am you.


Author: Rosie Kalashyan

Image: Author’s Own

Editor: Caitlin Oriel

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