November 23, 2016

For the Love of Darkness. {Poem}

abriz44 / Flickr

I knew.

I knew the first time I ever saw you.
I knew
your soul.

I knew because,
for the first time,
I had no control.
No sense.
No awareness.

I only had your deep, sapphire eyes,
staring into the darkness of my heart.
there was light.

I knew
because I had to remind myself
to keep breathing.
Am I still standing?
I felt as though,
even in your weak state,
you were holding me up.

I knew.
I knew from the moment my soul saw yours,
that yours
was just as dark as mine.

Not the bad kind of dark.
A good dark.
A deep, beautiful dark.
The kind of dark plum purple
you’d like to wrap yourself in
late at night.

I knew.
I knew because from that day forward,
you were the first.
The first I thought of
when I woke up,
when I smiled,
when the autumn wind gently caressed my cheek.

I knew
because you became

I knew because
I could feel you in my laughter,
in my every footstep,
in my every breath,
in my very being.

I knew
because you felt the same.
You knew.

Author: Claire Marie Hegstrom

Image: Abriz44/Flickr, Flickr/tainara 

Assistant Editor: Hilda Carroll / Editor: Travis May


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Claire Marie Hegstrom

At the ripe old age of 23, Claire Marie Hegstrom is still trying to figure things out. She is currently a student at the University of Northern Colorado enjoying life as a jazz flute major. If she isn’t out playing music with friends, she is usually talking to her dog, or getting stuck in inversion on her yoga mat. Her writing is inspired by the incredible people surrounding her every day; and she hopes to portray them with as much love as she feels for them.