November 7, 2016

Some Loves Take Decades to Die. {Poem}


You pulled up to the curb in your brand new pickup truck

that first time we met.

“Sorry, I can’t get out,” you said.

“Too much traffic.”


I climbed up into the passenger’s seat

and you said, “Hi,”

and reached over

and locked the door on the rest of my life.


How long was it before you told me?

How many times had we been together,

eaten together

talked and loved together?


“Really?” You said. “It’s been that long?

Reminded you of a Willie Nelson song, you said.

“Funny, how time just slips away.”


I believed you for a long while

for two years I think.

I believed you when you told me,

“I’m leaving her,”

and I believed you when you said

“Her cancer’s back,”

and I believed you even then for

a long time after that.


My love hung on a hook dangling from your lies.

It takes a long time for love like that to die.


How can I cry when Willie sings of you

leaning over in that brand new pickup truck,

handsome cowboy hat on your head

brown snakeskin boots on your feet

and nothing but excuses in your smile.


How can I still think of you and

still ache for what you promised?


Has it really been ten years?

Ten whole years?

It takes a long time for love like that to die.


Funny, how time just slips away.



Author: Carmelene Siani

Image: Leandro Puca/Unsplash

Editor: Toby Israel


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