November 28, 2016

The First Woman to Love You.


The Surprise.

You surprised her, for she wasn’t expecting you.

She was the first woman to touch you, hold you, kiss you…love you.

She was the first to understand you in a way that no one else could…your sense of humor…your kindness…your strong, but tender heart.

And she has been letting you go since the moment she met you.

Letting go of your hand so that you could walk without her

Letting go of your words so you could find your own voice

Letting go of your time so you could care for others

Letting go of your faithfulness so that you could find your own way

Letting go of your devotion so you could love another

Letting go of being first so that room could be made for a new family

And in all of this letting go, her heart was the first that you broke…over and over, every day.

And she has been holding on…to soothe this pain of letting go.

Holding onto every moment that she talks with you.

Holding onto the time she spends with you, hears your voice, sees your smile.

Holding onto the memory of your sharp humor that makes her laugh until her stomach hurts.

Holding onto the smiles of the humans you have created…for they carry her husband in their eyes

Holding onto the love she feels from the daughter who loves and cares for you and her.

Holding onto the time spent at holidays and vacations, the family dinners and gatherings…that remind her of her purpose in life.

Holding onto the harmonies of affection that she has heard from inside your love

Holding onto the memory of when you first came into her life

And she was the best surprise you never expected.

For she was your first love.




Author: Stephanie Parry

Editor: Waylon H. Lewis

Image: Pixabay/Unsplash

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