November 15, 2016

The Antidote for Hate & Disappointment.

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The cavity holding my heart seems wider, brighter and stronger today.

Today of all days. The day after election day. Go figure.

I remember 15 years ago, waking up to the news of 9/11. As I watched the news, my 21-year-old body was trembling in disbelief as I felt how the world changed, how fear grew and uncertainty made its way through every cell of my body. Even then, I knew something had changed. Fear spread in our hearts and homes like wild fire as if it would never stop. A collective, sad, painful memory had nestled in our minds.

For the first time since then, I felt a similar feeling today.

For those who know me, I do not and will not pretend to understand politics, (there are certain subjects that simply elude my mind) nor will I try to address facts, opinions and numbers that led to this day. To the outcome of this election.

But I will say this: there are battles being fought everyday between love and fear and today an important one has been lost (to the disbelief of many of us watching from afar), and It feels as if we’re mourning—at least I know I am.

But I am no longer the younger version of myself. And life has kindly provided me room to grow and recognize my real essence. The light. The delicate sight to recognize the fine line between illusion and reality. And there is a delicate, sensitive, silent and powerful knowledge brewing inside me.

I am Mexican. I am a woman and I am young. But none of these “poll facts” are leading me say this. My heart is.

I am a human being.

Above all, I am a perfectly loving soul seeking equality, peace, love and balance. I believe in kindness, compassion, laughter, love, dreams and magic.

But I also know that in moments like this, when it seems darkness has set in amongst us, we must hold our hearts and loved ones closer. We must find the hidden gems inside of ourselves and shine stronger—love, kiss and hug harder.

My dear brothers and sisters,

Do not let fear overpower you. Nor defeat you.
Mayhem will not fight hate.
Guns will not fight fear.
Violence will not silence judgment.
Despair will not break the cycle.

Oh no—fear, hate and disconnection will only make it worse.

Love is the only possible solution.

I sincerely believe this.


I still believe with all my heart that love will always find a way.

This is my wish for you.

Tuck you little ones to bed tonight and read them a magical story.

Tell your man how much you appreciate his hard work and dedication.

Tell your partner how much her presence lifts you up.

Make love.

Care for your siblings and parents.

Call your friends.


Smile to a stranger.

Be kind to others.

Walk graciously and proudly.

Touch your heart before you speak.

Play with your dogs.


Talk to the moon and sing.

Be wildly fierce in you unique glory.

Do not hide the beauty of your essence.

Shine bright—brighter than ever!

It is the time for bigger hearts and wider shoulders. 

Bigger acts of kindness and your wildest dreams.

A time to heal, to breathe,

A time to rise in love.


Author: Melisa Ramírez Aragón

Image: Normal Rockwell/Saturday Evening Post

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock


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