December 24, 2016

6 Songs for a Mindful Winter Holiday Celebration. {Video}

Christmas is an amalgam of ancient traditions from all around our world. Before Santa Claus became a consumer’s guide to holiday gift buying, he was many other things, including a Norse god, a saintly Bishop and even a sorcerer of magic.

Today we still deck our halls with boughs of ritual symbolism and wait for kisses under the mistletoe blessed by a Viking goddess. We sing of Yule logs and silent nights and await the returning of the “son”—or the “sun.” depending on your preferences.

Whether you celebrate the new ways, the old ways, or a hybrid of both: Christmas, Winter Solstice, Yule or Saturnalia—the winter season’s holidays belong to us all. And for those who would like to add some mindful cheer, the following music will add a little old to the new, and help us all find warmth from the cold:

1. The Christians and the Pagans, Written by Dar Williams & Performed by Mo Mo O’brien 

2. Santa Claus is Pagan Too, Written by Larry Morris & Performed by Emerald Rose

3. Solstice Carole, Written & Performed by the Wyrd Sisters

4. Noon of the Solstice, Written & Performed by Damh the Bard

5. Solstice Carol, Written by Catt Kingsgrave & Performed by The Ravens

6. White is in the Winter Night, Written by Bhraonain, Ryan & Ryan & Performed by Enya




Author: Tauna Pierce 

Image: Youtube, Author’s Own

Editor: Travis May



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