December 19, 2016

Christmas Mercury Retrograde & Revisiting Ghosts from Christmases Past.

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Mercury turns retrograde in Capricorn on December 19th and will appear retrograde until January 9th.

However, many will have been sensing the intense energy in the air for the past week or two due to the shadow period beforehand.

2016 has been a revelation-filled rollercoaster ride with changes occurring at every twist and turn, and it isn’t going to slow down any time soon. Mercury retrograde arrives to turn everything upside down once again in a much-needed final spin to rinse everything out just before the year closes.

2016 is a ‘9’ year in numerology, which means it is a time for letting go and gaining closure. Therefore, Mercury retrograde is making a timely appearance to force a final push to release anything that is harmful or destructive so that we can make way for a fresh new beginning in 2017—2017 is a ‘1’ year in numerology, which marks a year for clearing, opening, new opportunities and fresh starts.

The theme for this Christmas’ Mercury retrograde is, unfortunately, major misunderstandings. Chaotic communication will be causing lovers all over the world to be mystified as to whether the ones they love and adore also love and adore them in return.

This will play out throughout the festivities, particularly where family gatherings and celebrations are concerned. At times it will feel like one of those, “no one gets me” phases, whereby things that are said and done with good intention will end up twisted and tangled causing others to take offence or feel hurt and upset due to misinterpretations within communication.

Mercury is most definitely not the time to be texting or emailing deep thoughts or feelings, especially if alcohol is involved. If heart-centred conversations are taking place, it is absolutely essential that they happen face to face or at the very least by telephone where there is far less opportunity for chaos and confusion.

Mercury retrograde is always beneficial even though it can feel far from it at the time. It quite literally shakes up and sends electric shocks to all of our relationships, particularly romantic ones and those close to our hearts, rattling everything within them and causing hidden secrets to spill out.

This means our innermost thoughts and the emotions we might have been attempting to contain will flood out, usually before we’ve had a chance to really consider what we are saying and the consequences of our words.

There’s a great possibility that people we still think about from our past will make an unexpected appearance, as Mercury retrograde churns up history and asks us to take one last look before we decide whether we want to close or lock those doors.

Christmastime is a sentimental period that tugs on our heartstrings and pulls us to reconnect with friends or lovers that we have lost contact with. Whether we are the ones reaching out or someone is reaching for us, it’s a time to be prepared for a wave of nostalgia powerful enough to sweep us clean off our feet and cause some irrational decision making.

The ghosts that revisit could be returning to show us that love still lingers or they may reappear for one last chilling haunt. Either way it is important to remain grounded and alert so that we can evaluate what this trip down memory lane truly means. We will be questioning whether the candle has already burnt out or whether it is one that continues to flicker despite all the storms it has passed through.

The reason this is going to hit us hard is that Christmas is a time where we generally seek peace, harmony, companionship, and ultimately our hearts are wide open to love. We find ourselves being far more vulnerable and authentic with those around us and we also feel compelled to engage in deep conversations that could potentially make or break relationships.

This is partly due to our desire for transparency and clarity. We have come through a year that has dragged us, forcefully at times, encouraging us to wake up to the illusions that are around us.

We will regularly feel out of sync and as though we are just not resonating with those we are usually close to. It will be helpful right now to try to emotionally attune to people, rather than listening to the words they speak. If we really tune into what they are saying and feel and see with our hearts rather than our ears and eyes, we will witness entirely different versions than what is being expressed verbally.

This might be pleasurable or it could feel extremely uncomfortable, as there’s a possibly we may not be prepared for what we see. If it becomes difficult to absorb and accept, we can remind ourselves that we can still maintain relationships, but certain ones we will want to place on the back burner so that we can open space for ones that will meet us mind to mind, heart to heart and soul to soul.

As the year ends, the last thing we will want to be doing is carrying dead weight and heavy baggage along with us into a brand new year full of possibility, opportunity and mystery.

Although it is painful to let go of what is familiar, or to release those that our hearts have bonded with, sometimes the kindest and most compassionate thing we can do for ourselves and others is to say a gentle au revoir, with warmness and an understanding that not everything or everyone that is currently around is meant to take prominent place in our lives.

We owe it to ourselves to courageously look at our relationships, especially those that feel like unfinished business, with open eyes and as honestly as we can bear to. What we see isn’t always pretty and often we cling to remnants of what once was, rather than seeing the reality of what is now.

This is the time to take a deep breath and gently detach from anyone or anything that we know really doesn’t value us, and those that are fickle with our emotions or who don’t have our best interests at heart. We don’t have to cut people off entirely, however we can release attachments and expectations that have been causing immense pain and suffering.

One thing to remember is to proceed lightly and with caution. It is never recommended, unless absolutely necessary, to make life-changing decisions while in the middle of a retrograde period. This is the time for reflection, reexamination, discernment, introspection and caution. Not a time for hasty or emotion-fuelled reactions.

It will feel at times like we are sitting in a movie theatre watching our stories play out. With remote in hand we will feel an impulse to frequently pause the screen, observe the picture and consider exactly what meaning the image holds. As we flick through the stills we will start to gather a picture of who or what we want beside us as we move into 2017.

Many will be wishing they could hibernate throughout Mercury retrograde or find an escape route from the festivities going on as there is almost guaranteed to be some turbulence and commotion. The reality is though, as long as we are grounded, in the moment and aware that at any time something someone says could catch us off guard, we will find this period a huge learning curve that will deliver exactly the disturbance and insight needed to reshuffle our lives, readjust direction and head toward 2017 well informed and fully prepared for whatever it is waiting to bring.

We will get through this unscathed by making the decision to surrender to existence so that the energetic force of the universe along with its wisdom and divine knowing can guide us and above all, by remembering that everything is exactly as it is meant to be in every given moment.

Whenever we feel life is spiraling out of control, pull back to the center and whisper gently, “I need this for a reason.” The yin, the yang, and every thought, emotion and feeling in its whole entirety is essential, whether it is comfortable or not, for our unique personal evolution.

The good news is that Uranus goes direct on December 29th, awakening us just in time to move into a new year. It brings with it a powerful wave of intuition, courage, confidence and a little boldness and rebellion that will assist us with completing any transformations required to create the life we want. Although Mercury retrograde will still be ongoing, the Uranus energy is powerful enough to halt any energy-causing dysfunction so we can effortlessly and fearlessly make the smooth transition from the lessons of 2016 to the wonders waiting for us in 2017.


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