December 31, 2016

How to Make a New You in the New Year.

As the last days of 2016 wind down, people begin to try to think of a great New Year’s resolution to make the next year the best one ever.

I’m no different from anyone else, always trying to think of something that will improve my body and mind, but this year I’ve vowed to try something different.

Instead of rushing out and purchasing new workout gear and swearing to hit the gym on a daily basis, this year I’m going to work on my insides.

Because I already run daily and try to eat a healthy diet, I’ve chosen to try something completely opposite for the upcoming year. In 2017, I’m going to try to focus on finding positivity.

This may sound easy, but because I tend to let all of the “little things” get to me, this quest may be my hardest to date.

I’ve already begun my project by taking an empty jar and writing, “Positive Things 2017” on the lid. Every single day I’m going to look for things, no matter how small, that make me happy. I’m going to write all of those things that have brought me happiness or made me smile down on little pieces of paper and put them inside the jar.

I’m hoping that starting to actively look for happiness will help me to also shine a bring light into the lives of others. My plan is to look through the jar at the things that I’ve written down during trying times throughout the year, which will hopefully put a needed smile on my face.

At the end of 2017, I plan to open the jar and read everything that I’ve written down. This small act will help me to realize how truly blessed I am.

2016 has been a year of both high ups and huge downs. Going through a divorce was difficult and moving across the country has not been easy. But on the flip side, meeting my soul mate and getting re-married is something that I never dreamed possible. It has been a year full of soul searching, extreme loneliness and also intense happiness. Although a year I will never forget, I’m ready to move on in a positive way and I believe that making this jar and reading my thoughts will help me reach this goal.

It always amazes me at how full the gym is during the month of January, showing me that so many people have a fitness goal. Staying physically fit is something desired by almost everyone, but it is a resolution that is hardly ever kept. By mid-February the once busy gym is once again almost empty, as those seeking fitness often give up.

Instead of making a resolution this year that is not kept, try making an obtainable one that will help both your mind and body. If making a positivity jar is not your thing, try making a vow to help people or donate time to a cause that is dear to you.

Working on your inside-self and doing things that you are passionate about is good for the soul and can help make 2017 the best year ever.

Happy New Year.




Author: Jill Carr

Image: Flickr/Snarldedskein

Editor: Travis May

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