December 15, 2016

If he’s Foolish enough to Walk Away, let him keep Going.



“Beg no one to stay when they decide they want to leave. Your love is not a cage for wild hearts, it is a gift to be well received.” ~ Nikita Gill

If any man is foolish enough to actually walk away from the magic you possess, then the only choice you have is to let him keep going.

You can’t hold onto to someone who isn’t really yours, nor can you open their eyes to what has been right in front of them all along.

You can’t even rationalize or plead for a man—if he actually walks away from you (comma) then it’s because he never really saw you to begin with.

Really, you may be too good to be true for a man who struggles under the weight of his own burdens. Not because you aren’t stardust and strength, but simply because your love can move mountains and not everyone has grasped that love is supposed to make us more of who we are, not less.

I know that it might hurt to watch him walk away, but it would cause far more pain to chase after him hoping one day he would turn around and see you there—where you always were.

And whether it hurts to hear or not, that may be part of the problem. Because sometimes the men who are still floundering under their own veils of self-awareness just won’t ever realize what they truly have in you.

They don’t understand how someone could still love them this way, and so it’s simply easier to believe that you don’t.

Sometimes love is simply too great to accept, or perhaps it’s just that some people just will never be ready to hold onto to something that they can’t explain.

It’s easier at times for all of us to chase after what we don’t have, whether it’s a lover or an ex, but in the end, the more we chase the more we miss what is meant for us.

I’m not saying that this man doesn’t love you, but if he can actually turn his back on you and leave, all of the moments that you’ve experienced together, gathering dust like fallen stars, then the only choice you have is to simply let him keep going.

If he’s unable to see his dreams in your eyes, or the way your originality paints his soul in the colors of his greater purpose, then there isn’t anything you can do to change that—but you can control how you react to it.

While you can’t control his decision to walk away, you can decide to let him go.

The thing with love, no matter how our hearts beat or rumble it’s always a choice to listen to them. It’s a choice to believe in the feelings themselves and not the rationalizations the mind or ego presents to us, as if trying to battle a case that will forever be destined to lose.

We all know that the great loves can’t be explained; they can’t be figured out or reduced to coincidence or attraction—they are simply great because they lack definition at all.

Their uniqueness, however, is also the weight that many fold under.

Because if we suddenly find something we’ve never experienced before, then there isn’t any way to know how to react to it—it breaks all the rules, and leaves us wondering if it’s something that is even meant for us.

And we can spin in and out of reality, tasting the love and conquering our fears, but if in the end it never seems to be enough and you once again see the dust kicking up around the heels of your lover as they turn and walk away—your only choice is to let them go.

It does no good to ever chase love my dear sweet woman, because by chasing you will likely push your lover into the arms of another woman who won’t be able to compare to your radiance, but who will reek of simplicity—a welcome distraction from your depth.

There isn’t any way to convince someone that they can traverse your intoxicating depths, and if your love seems overpowering to him, then perhaps that’s because it is.

And even though it might create spindles of pain within your heart as you see him laugh and smile, all the while your light lay shattered inside of you—you have no choice but to turn and walk away yourself, brushing the salty tears from your beautiful eyes that wonder if anyone will ever truly stay.

The thing is that if this man of yours can picture you in the arms of another, if he can let your skin be kissed and caressed by another man, and know that it’s with another you’ll be sharing your rich dreams and thoughts that drip in rubies, then you have to know that he isn’t the one you are meant to give your heart to.

Because the man who loves you without logic, the one who sees your thoughts swim through the sea green of your eyes won’t ever let you go, no matter the difficulties, no matter the cost, no matter anything.

We all have issues, we are all a work in progress and we can say that we aren’t ready for love, but in the end, we don’t get to choose if we’re ready, because sometimes love shows us that it’s ready.

And our only choice is to jump all in or run away.

We can choose to take love by the hand and build together or we can ignore it’s warm outstretched hand and pretend that it wasn’t what we wanted while walking away, all the time feeling the tug on our soul that just maybe we are making the biggest mistake of our life.

But that’s the thing, if he doesn’t realize that he is losing someone precious, then the only choice you have is to let him keep going.

“The most painful part of losing you was that it didn’t matter how close, how familiar we became with one another over the years, it only took a fraction of the time to become total strangers again—for the texture of your touch, the melody of your voice, to become a distant memory.” ~ Beau Taplin


Author: Kate Rose

Image: Revolutionary Road (2008) 

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

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