December 20, 2016

May Love be the Truth we Speak, not the Silence we Keep.

As I walk my path and go deeper within—peeling away layer after layer of my own bullsh*t, my own pain—a more authentic core-state, emerges.

My power becomes more and more mine.

Created by me and fueled by me.

A power that is fire, burning any untruth away and speaking words meant to shine light on any untruth it sees and feels.

Not all untruths are seen or known, and it is with fire that we light the way to the truth—

And burn away, the untruth.

By speaking up, speaking out and being the voice needed,

The truth may sound like hate for those who hate the truth.

Some will fight it—

Fight you, for speaking it.

But they are only fighting themselves, and are getting burned by their own fears, instead of forging their fire with yours.

And that’s okay.

All we can do is stand up, speak up, and move people off our path if they do not rise up to the occasion, leaving them with a taste of what Divine love and fire looks and feels like.

Living as a Divine goddess of love—from the heart—is a courageous act, often misunderstood by those who don’t fully see with their heart.

But it’s needed to raise the collective consciousness, helping our brothers and sisters rise up to their power too.

To open up their hearts,

Calling out ego,

Returning to sender, anything delivered to you that is not love.

I’ve learned that real, whole, authentic love is about rejecting anything that doesn’t align with our higher self, and that challenging other people’s bullsh*t is an act of pure love.

A courageous one.

One meant for the Divine masculine and Divine feminine combined, in order for both to heal and to grow.

To level up.

To embody the divinity that we all are at our core.

We don’t grow, heal or live our true purpose when we walk around with our heart closed, living in our lies.

Closed hearts are ego-based, hiding behind fears and invisible wounds that keep the host stuck in untruth and invites those they hold close to stay stuck too.

But I invite those hearts to free themselves, and so can you.

We invite them to freedom—to be unstuck by no longer staying stuck with them—by challenging their untruth and showing them what it takes to operate from our own hearts by doing so.

Only an open heart is able to wholly love.

And that is why we are here—

To love,


To be the love that we are.

By continuing to speak up.

For truth, in the name of love.

In order for a closed heart to start to open, it must start listening to the truth that open hearts speak.

To feel the truth, and level up with each step that lands before their heart’s feet, knowing the importance of stepping closer and closer to the unconditional love that is inside that truth.

My soul’s mission is to challenge closed hearts to listen and to feel their way back open.

This starts with calling out the non-heart bullsh*t we all become way too comfortable allowing into our world.

And I invite you too.

Call it out.

Trigger it out.

Just please, help to get it out.

The truth will piss people off.

But that’s okay.

I’m not meant to love quietly.

I’m meant to love fiercely.

And so are you.

So speak your truth.

No bullsh*t welcome.

Return the ego to sender.

Fight the lies with truth.

Tap into your great divinity.

It’s why we are here.

To speak up.

To help all involved, to level up.

To love.



Author: Krissy VanAlstyne

Image: Author’s own

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

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Read 2 comments and reply

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