December 16, 2016

The One Sure Way to Improve your Mood & It is Always Available.

Yuliya Ginzburg/Unsplash

One thing that always works wonders for me is going outside.

There is a walk by the sea near where I live, where the nature is just incredible.

It is not a sandy beach, like you see in most pictures of dream getaways.

My favourite sea scape has lots of giant rocks spilling into the sea, which makes it extremely picturesque.

What I love about it most, though, is that this landscape has been like that for thousands of years—millions most likely— and whenever I walk there I am very well aware of that fact.

No matter how sad I’ve been on these walks at times—whenever I get out of my head long enough to look around and soak in the surroundings, it always switches something within me and changes my mood.

The beauty of nature itself, but also the realisation that I am just passing through this landscape, which has been like that forever, always shifts my perspective and gives me the longed-for distance on my suffering.

When I see these millennial rocks that have been there for so many years before me and will be there for as many years after me, I remember that my life is just a moment in time and my worries melt by comparison.


Author: Galina Singer

Image: Yuliya Ginzburg/Unsplash

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