January 25, 2017

1/21/17. {Poem}

I was scared to do something
today. So scared, I gave
myself permission to stay home.
I was scared because I
thought it might turn violent.
That people, including me,
would be hurt.
But I knew I had to go,
even though
anything could happen.

And since I’ve gone,
I am stronger now.
And I have more love
and hope and courage
in my heart because of
what I discovered.
Because of who I discovered.

I found out I am
not alone. That others want
to feel safe too. That
others believe in love and
inclusivity. That others want peace
and justice. That others feel
more hope than fear.
That we can create safety,
together. That we can offer
love and hope and kindness,
in one big passionate singing
and dancing community. And we
can all be ourselves, and
still be together.

And as different as we appear,
I discovered that we
are all the same, that
love, hope, kindness—I mean,
God—live in all of us.


Author: Gabrielle Taylor

Image: @elephantjournal on Instagram

Editor: Toby Israel


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Read 1 comment and reply

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