January 2, 2017

As the Year Begins—Tune Inward.

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The first morning of this year started off different than it usually does.

I traded New Year’s parties, and long nights of drinking, for a cozy night in—taking a lot of time to myself to connect with how I was feeling. I felt a strong urge to have a quiet night to ring in what will be an exciting year full of change.

I woke up to the first sunny day I’ve had since coming home to wintery cold Canada a few weeks ago. The wind was playfully bitter and the sky was clear, bright.

I felt calm, clear, connected—grounded.

My heart has felt gently vulnerable in recent days, learning to slowly beat in sync with another. My brain has been buzzing with excitement for what is ahead.

I am not one to set resolutions, as I think changes should be made with grace year round, but I do take time in these first few days to be quiet and tune inward.

We could all benefit from this practice, here and now:

I sit in silence, in meditation, and spend time alone.

I soften physically and mentally, so that I can feel how I am feeling and respond.

I look to see clearly what can be discarded and what can be slowly, steadily, watered to bloom.

I see what is here, now, and what I want to call in.

I recognize that everything is already okay.

As this new year begins, I look ever forward, forward, forward…


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