January 4, 2017

Fall in Love with Someone who Thanks God for You.

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“Be with someone who thanks God for you.” ~ Unknown 


You deserve a love that prays for you each evening on bended knee with a surrendered heart.

You deserve the kind of love that swells so deep within the soul of another, they thank God for your very existence.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s Allah, Buddha, Jesus or a Hindu God that they close their eyes and pray to, all that matters is you have a lover who realizes that you are in fact one of their greatest blessings, and they thank their God each and every day for bringing you into their lives.

We can blind ourselves to faith, and say that God is an illusion—yet how can we be willing to believe in love if we think that no greater being other than ourselves exists?

To believe in love is to have faith in someone else—to believe that a force greater than yourselves brought you together in this life. Love isn’t just chemicals and conveniences, it’s the inexpiable force that brings and keeps two people together in this life.

Is love really love, if we leave out God?

The fact is that somehow we have gotten away from religion; we have distanced ourselves from spirituality of any kind, thinking that somehow we no longer need it.

Yet, the reality is religion has been here much longer than any of us have been, and perhaps it’s our mission to grow back toward what we once abandoned.

There’s a difference between the love and relationships God is a part of, versus the ones where he isn’t.

You deserve a relationship that makes people look at you both in wonder and say, “You can just tell God brought them together.”

The kind of love that is beyond what others have expected, beyond normalities  and perceptions, and even beyond the limited beliefs we have about what is possible—you deserve the purest form of divine love.

Yet the only way to experience that is in the hands of someone who has found that divine love for themselves through the being that they have chosen to praise.

The difference is that when we believe in God, we also look at our partners differently.

We approach them with kindness and openness. We believe in forgiveness and unselfish acts—and ultimately we have faith in a plan that is greater than any we can conceive, which allows us to give the person we love freedom.

The secret with love is that both people have to surrender. We have to surrender to love, to each other, and to the divine being that we believe in. If we hold back and play it safe, never surrendering ourselves or our hearts, then the feelings we experience might possibly be based more in ego than that of the divine essence of love.

You deserve someone who believes that you came into their life for a reason. Someone who wakes each morning knowing what a blessing it is that you are in their lives and never takes you or a moment with you for granted.

You deserve someone who will hold your hand when the sun is shining and pray with you when you feel defeated. You deserve a lover who can give you faith and help you to become more yourself than you have ever been before.

You deserve love in its purest divine form.

When we are with someone who thanks God for us, we also open ourselves up to seeing the world in a new light—one where there is more to this life than just the physical, a life that is guided and has a purpose.

And when you can find someone who believes in their greater purpose, they will also believe in yours.

Relationships of any kind are not easy, especially in this day and age when it’s so easy to lose sight of love. But if two people have a faith-based relationship, then they let those divine principles guide their life and relationship.

They aren’t just accountable to one another, but to God.

They don’t just believe in doing the right thing, but they have the integrity to act upon it, knowing that in order to be the best possible partner to you, they have to be the best possible person for themselves.

There is something sublimely different about a relationship in which each person closes their eyes each evening and offers up a prayer to the divine for the other. They pray for their well-being, their guidance and direction, and more than anything, they pray for their happiness.

This may be the purest form of love.

When we are with someone who prays for us, what they really are saying is that not only do they trust God as to where the relationship will lead and grow, but they also are praying for the other person to end up where they are meant to be—regardless of if it’s in their arms or not.

Never doubt for a minute that you deserve someone who thanks God every day for your presence in their life.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t think you are perfect, because just like God, the right partner won’t need you to be and will love you, not in spite of, but because of all your supposed flaws.

Your imperfections will always be perfect for the heart that is meant to love you.

You deserve someone who believes that you are the one soul on this earth that is meant for them, and that no matter what has transpired or what will occur, there is not a shadow of a doubt that God led them to you.

Through their faith, they understand that the love they experience with you is meant to be treasured, respected and cherished.

Because there is no greater way to say I love you—than to say, I thank God for you.


“Nothing proves that you love someone more than mentioning them in your prayers.” ~ Unknown



Author: Kate Rose

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