January 30, 2017

February 2017 Forecast: The Month for Deep, Unshakeable Love.


“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ~ Rumi


On an energetic level, February is all about love.

To fully embrace this powerful universal energy, we must first know how to embody love. But not everyone understands what this means or how to do it.

Before we can gift love to anyone else, we first need to figure out how to be love—and the energies of February are here to support this process. 

Many of us find it difficult to remain in a place of love as we hear that voice in our head telling us we aren’t good enough or that those around us aren’t good enough. The result is that we lose the intuitive connection to our heart center, which connects us all.

Therefore it is vital that we learn to accept ourselves as we are. Self-love and acceptance cancel out the doubts and fears that cause separation and disconnection.

February, the month of love, sets the stage for remaining soft, open and in the present moment so that we can focus on the warmth of love burning within our hearts and feel our love growing until it becomes too much for the chest to contain. Once it starts to spill over and we feel that love tingling in the cells of our bodies, only then are we in a position to share our high vibrational energy with everyone, everywhere.

This is a moment-by-moment practice that at first needs conscious awareness, however, it quickly becomes a natural state of being.

When we go through difficulties in our relationships, it is usually because we perceive the other person as an entirely separate entity from ourselves. Whenever there is conflict it is because we have created a divide in our mind that keeps telling us that we are one way and the other person is the polar opposite.

Arguments and resentments quickly manifest and rage out of control, as we are unable to perceive others clearly. We have subconsciously blocked the soul-to-soul connection and temporarily forgotten that we are all one.

This type of thinking creates energetic obstacles between us and our loved ones, and it prevents us from being able to intuitively sense their emotions and feelings clearly so that we can empathize and understand where they are coming from. Basically, it allows us to walk a few steps in our loved one’s shoes so that we have a greater perception of how they may think or feel.

Realistically, our differences are all in the mind. We are viewing the other person as separate simply because their personality traits are different from ours and they express themselves in ways we may not. However, we are all creatures sharing this one planet and we all come from the same universal energy.

When we accept this and move our attention away from our differences and toward our heart center, we will notice how our chest is aching to open up and receive others in the same unconditionally loving and accepting way as we hope to be received.

When we are willing to allow love to flow freely, our intuitive senses are enhanced. When we separate ourselves from others, our love is blocked and intuition, compassion, understanding and empathy become blocked as well.

If we think back to a time when we fell head-over-heels in love, we can remember how our hearts literally ached with the willingness to give and receive love. It felt as if love was all we needed to survive.

When we are in the midst of these dizzying heights, we are far more likely to accept one another openly. Our unrealistic expectations and criticisms dissipate. We are more understanding of one another’s flaws, faults and imperfections, and we engage in what feels like unconditional love.

When love is in the driver’s seat, we communicate more respectfully, we treat one another with the same care and attention as we would our most-precious friends, and we have more consideration and compassion in our bones.

It’s easier to connect to others emotionally, mentally and physically when we are fueled by and operating from a place of love.

At times, this love can feel unfamiliar and terrifying, particularly to those who have not received limitless, boundless amounts throughout their lives. Many feel wary of giving out love because when they do, they are left with heartache, pain and suffering stemming from the ego, which places unrealistic expectations and high demands on the love being given.

This partly comes from the belief that we only have a limited amount of love to give and if we offer up too much, we will deplete our own supply.

In a way this is true, as we cannot externally give endless amounts of anything if we do not replenish our own supply. However, this supply can be refilled at any moment and when we know how to refuel love, there is no limit to the amount we can give and receive.

Choosing to keep our hearts open so that we are a vessel of love is not always easy—it requires us to be both vulnerable and strong enough to stand up to our ego when it tries to convince us that we should only give love to those who have earned it or those who give us love in equal measure.

However, this is just fear talking as many of us have been conditioned to believe that love should only be given when it is safe and we know the person we are giving it to feels the same way in return.

But it doesn’t matter whether anyone else is receptive to the love we share or whether they have earned it or not. Love is first and foremost for ourselves—it is not solely about giving it to other people. Although this may sound like a selfish concept, it is not.

Unless we generate love within ourselves, it is not possible to love others without limits. Other people will only be able to receive our love when it is burning brightly within us. And as soon as it expands, it will naturally seep out and touch others.

Therefore, it is not selfish to master inner love first and to focus our attention on sustaining it, because without that inner love, our ability to love externally is harnessed and limited. If every person on the planet mastered self-love, the entire world would be lit with the radiance of it.

When we place demands or expectations on love or we try to portion it out where we believe it will be most gratefully received, that is not genuine love—it is a contract that only we have agreed to. This leads to constant pain and disappointment when those around us do not respond in the way we hope they will or when they do not live up to the expectations that were attached to our love.

If we are afraid of spending too much of our time and attention loving one particular person—as we do not feel valued or fulfilled in that relationship—then we actually need to generate and radiate more love, not less.

When we love fully, completely and purely, any relationship that does not resonate with that energy will naturally be repelled and the connection will fall away.

This is one of the reasons that people choose to play small and contain their love, as they are terrified of losing relationships and people when they make this shift. It is also one of the reasons that many who consciously choose to vibrate at this high level can feel alone—because not everyone in our lives will feel comfortable being around someone who embodies pure love. This is just an illusion though, as when we reach this level, we find that we are not separate from anything in this universe.

Unless we choose to infuse our entire being with love, we will continue to repeat dysfunctional patterns and remain in relationships with people who trigger our unhealed wounds. We will continue to deny our very existence, which is love.

This month we will feel a revolutionary energy, one that builds within us and gives us the courage and conviction to have absolute faith in our ability to love ourselves and others, completely and without condition.

We will learn to trust that we are all love and that we all have an infinite supply to give—we just have to know how to access it and keep it flowing.

February will bring about a magnificent transformation as we learn to worship ourselves and discover an unshakeable, indefinable, unlimited force of love inside us and then allow it to seep out into every area of our lives.

And our world needs this kind of unconditional love more than anything else right now. It needs people to learn how to fill themselves with love so they can sprinkle that love in every corner of the globe.



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Author: Alex Myles

Image: Pavel Badrtdinov/Unsplash

Editor: Nicole Cameron


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