January 21, 2017

Get ready to Fly during High Vibe Aquarius Season.

We feel a bit of a change in the air.

As the heavens shift and dance in cosmic space, we’re moving the energy away from earthy, ambitious Capricorn into high-vibe, airy, original Aquarius.

From January 20th to February 18th, we’ll celebrate all things Aquarius, but before we can truly embrace the freedom-loving Aquarian, we must make sure to wrap up any last minute Capricorn energy before we say goodbye to Capricorn for another year.

Wrapping up earthy, list-loving Capricorn:

One of the best things we can do to wrap up any remaining Capricorn energy is to check in with our goal setting. The best-laid plans for new year’s goals often go amiss with the crazy, frenetic energy of the holidays. Even though we’re already a few weeks into 2017, it’s not too late to grab any last fleeting Capricorn energy to buckle down, whip out our journal and jot down some of our goals or intentions for the year.

I also recommend spending an hour or two grounding our energy before we transition fully into Aquarius. The holidays can leave our energy feeling scrambled (especially if you’re a highly sensitive person like me). My favorite ways to ground my energy are deep, slow Yin or restorative yoga or blissful Yoga Nidra meditation.

To neatly wrap up Capricorn, make sure to write something down on paper or in your heart. It doesn’t have to be a resolution in the traditional sense, just a small token of clarity to guide your year before you’re off, rocking and rolling into high-flying Aquarius.

Aquarius season, a primer:

Aquarius is the sign of freedom.

It’s the sign of expansion, expression, quirkiness and spirited rebellion.

Aquarius is the bridge between art and science, creativity and technology.

When Aquarian energy blows its way onto the center stage, we’re all affected by its visionary, trailblazing and offbeat energy. Listen to the little voice in the back of your mind saying, “I’m craving something new.” Yep, that’s Aquarius speaking alright.

But no matter how sky-high Aquarius goes, the beating heart of community grounds down this energy. More specifically, Aquarius symbolizes conscious, progressive and humanitarian community activism—both locally and globally. It’s the energetic embodiment of “being the change.” Now is the perfect time to get involved in your community, run for local office, march for a cause you believe in or donate your time and resources.

Here’s how we can harness the beauty, community-spirit and visionary prowess of Aquarius.

Top 10 tips to supercharge this month:

1. Adorn yourself and your space with Amethyst.

Amethyst is a high-vibe purple crystal that supports intuition and clarity of vision. As we travel through Aquarius, we’ll take our Capricorn-grounded, practical goals and intentions and use the amethyst/Aquarius combo to inspire us as we ask:

How can I be more aligned, more high-vibe and more joyous this year?

2. Get active in your community.

Aquarius provides beautiful energy to inspire us to engage deeply with how we want to create change in the world. This is a deeply personal issue, so I don’t want to prescribe how this should look, but I recommend taking some time this month to sit down and decipher which causes are important to you. Once we decide which causes to personally support, we can make a difference with our dollars, time or unique voice and spirit.

3. Grow your social circle.

Aquarius energy is active and sociable, which is a nice change of pace from the introverted Capricorn energy we’ve been hibernating in over the holidays. Every year when Aquarius cycles back around, I like to make it my personal mission to make a new friend (or two or three). This month, sign up for a new class, get involved in your community, rekindle an old friendship or tap into your own signature way to bring more aligned social interactions into your life.

4. Assess your technological hygiene.

Aquarius rules technology, and if you’re anything like me (which I bet many of you are), we have a love/hate relationship with technology. As a digital entrepreneur nomad, I love technology because of the freedom it’s given me to build a business, teach and stay connected, all while traveling the world.

But that doesn’t mean that my boundaries with technology are always healthy.

This month, I challenge you to find creative new ways to engage with your technology in a healthy way—like setting “social media hours” where you only check your social and email one or two times per day, creating a tech-free space in your house or setting analog-only times for pleasures like reading, talking, making out and playing games.

5. Combine two Aquarian passions: movement and charity.

Aquarius season is energetic and full of expressive movement; Capricorn, not-so-much. So when you tried that new fitness routine right after New Year’s and couldn’t stick with it, don’t blame yourself. Right now there’s a new opportunity to start over with a brand new movement routine.

But I’d like to challenge you to go one step further and combine the dual Aquarian passions of movement and charity by signing up for a charity run/walk/dance-a-thon/anything-a-thon that gets you moving and supports a good cause.

6. Go on a vision quest.

It’s probably out of the question to fly down to Peru to go on a vision quest with a Shaman, but we can journey in our own living rooms. For my own do-it-yourself vision quests, I like to gather crystals, smudge sticks and my journal. I put on rhythmic or tribal music on in the background and dress in comfortable clothes that are symbolic and make me feel like a goddess when I wear them. I always choose to do visioning lying down while wearing an eye mask, and typically ask a specific question about something I need help with. With my eyes closed, breathing gently, I allow my subconscious to guide me toward an aligned answer.

7. Try aerial yoga.

Aquarius is an air sign, so this is a fun month to spiral through the airy energy with an aerial yoga class. In aerial yoga, we stretch our body while hanging from soft fabric pods that attach to the ceiling. This liberating style of yoga can put us in touch with our inner airy-fairy as we hang ourselves upside down. Not sure about aerial yoga? Substitute zip-lining, riding a bike or even driving in a convertible with the top down to stimulate your airy side.

8. Rediscover your inner geek.

If the last time you connected with your inner science geek was back in the days of Bunsen burners and lab partners, now is the perfect time to embrace all things geeky. Aquarius is a not-so-secret science nerd and there are lots of cool ways to rekindle our relationship with science. Take a trip to the local science or natural history museum, watch cute science geek Jason Silva’s videos on YouTube, tune into science TED talks or subscribe to a science magazine or podcast.

9. Be a rebel.

Now, I can’t really tell you how to be a rebel (that would kind of defeat the purpose) but Aquarian energy is pretty rebellious, so I always recommend finding a few, safe ways to let your inner rebel out to play. What would push your boundaries this month? What can you do this month that’s a little bit different, naughty, saucy or out-of-character that could potentially exhilarate and titillate you (or someone else)?

Figure it out and then do it.

10. March to the beat of your own drum.

Ah, Aquarius. You remind us to let our freak-flag fly proudly and inspire even the more tight-laced of us to consider loosening our top button. This month, embrace yourself in all of your quirky, messy, not-got-it-all-together-ness. Let Aquarius inspire you to kick the fear of what others will think of you, as you dare to be seen in full Technicolor.

Enjoy Aquarius to the max.

Aquarius is spirited, inspiring and fully alive. This month, commit to staying present and engaged with what is going on in the world, get involved in your community and continue to ask yourself: how can I make life even a little bit sweeter than it already is?


Author: Nicole Harlow

Image: used with permission from Andrew Wyatt

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

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