January 24, 2017

New Moon in Aquarius: The Rise of the Divine Masculine & Feminine as One.

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On Friday, January 27th, we will have our first new moon of 2017 in the innovative sign of Aquarius.

Aquarius is independent, and while rebellion is sometimes seen as one of their weaknesses, it’s this very quality that will prove to be one of the most positive aspects of this lunar event.

Rebellion (n): the act or process of resisting authority, control or convention. 

In order for any of us to achieve our dreams, we have to first stage a rebellion against who the rest of the world wants us to be.

During this moon, important aspects of Venus, the planet of love, Mars, the planet of drive, and Saturn, the planet of rigidity, are strongly influencing our emotions and also are triggering those who are in touch with their divine masculine and feminine qualities.

Trials are never easy, but it is worth it to see them through to reap the learning lessons.

In the grand scheme of things, nothing is ever over, especially the storylines and unions that were created by the divine. Some circumstances are just too synchronistic to be called mere coincidences; it seems that there is something greater behind it all.

Every story has an end but in life every ending is just a new beginning.” ~ Uptown Girls 

There has been a large-scale awakening in recent years; we have been rising into truth and striving for a higher level of consciousness and spirituality.

We all have been asking the collective question: why?

In reality we are actually trying to raise our vibration of love, because in the end, it is only love that will actually change the world. This fact has been pushing many of us to join with our soul families who we share a sacred union with.

We need people to come together, to inspire us with their love—not just for one another but for all of humanity—in order for us to feel a continual movement toward change.

Everything seems to be happening as it is meant to, even if it is sometimes chaotic or confusing.

The terms we use to describe love don’t matter too much. Whether we say twin flames, soul contracts, soulmates or even sacred unions, the labels are irrelevant. What is significant are the vibrations of the divine masculine and feminine that each individual represents.

Until we have embraced these aspects of our identity, we will continue to push away our complementary relationship out of our desire to hold onto lower vibrational energies. To love unconditionally is the most scary thing in the world because we are left unprotected and raw—we open our hearts without knowing whether the other person is ready to accept what we are offering.

When we love unconditionally, we reject fear and instead embrace faith.

It’s a knowing that we are safe in this moment, and that regardless of what tomorrow holds, everything happens for a reason.

Right now the world needs as many people as possible to rise and embrace their divine masculine and feminine qualities. We need those who share a special bond to come together, despite challenges, to show us all how to love.

The new moon is the true start to our year. If you’ve felt yourself struggling to find your place in this new year, know that redemption is just around the corner.

Yet, as with any opportunity, we have to decide to choose from what we are presented with.

No one else can make us walk the path of the divine, nor can we force another to embrace these qualities. It has to be a personal choice, a conscious decision of submission to our higher consciousness, and the soul who is a complement to ours.

It’s about embracing the balance that comes from being reunited with our divine feminine or masculine counterpart. But, this can only occur when we realize that we are stronger together than we are by ourselves.

This journey comes from recognizing who we really are and embracing our strengths. Embracing our soulmate is accepting that we aren’t meant to do it all alone.

The divine masculine and feminine have been rising for some time. We’ve been drawn closer to these qualities within ourselves and therefore have begun to see them in the eyes of others. We’ve been able to discern more easily between souls who are junk food versus faith food, and through that learning process we’ve been drawn to our counterpart.

Our one.

On January 25thChiron the healer will be forming a major aspect, helping us let go of childhood wounds and family conditioning, once and for all. Just days later, the new moon will set the tone for the entire year.

This is a perfect time for love, rebellion, intuition and trusting that it’s safe to go the lengths necessary to have the love that is meant for us. It doesn’t matter how hard it gets, how impossible it may seem or what obstacles lie in the way—all that matters is that our soul is seeking its home.

And that is when we will rise. All of us.

The divine feminine will embrace her other half, showing him compassion and love, as he stands up for her, protecting her heart and dreams—together they will change the entire vibration of love forever.

They will show us what happens when we believe reality is amazing.

And they will teach us what it means to follow our hearts, even though we’re not sure where it will lead.

They will simply illustrate true love when we embrace it for all that it is.

“And the most high said, the man who is most divine, and the woman who is most divine, will come together at this time.” ~ Cinderella Anneh-bu



Author: Kate Rose

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