No Matter how you Woke up Feeling this Morning, Remember This. ~ Rachel Brathen

Via Rachel Brathen
on Jan 10, 2017
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Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?

I did.

I got up at 4:45 a.m. to teach double classes but nothing flowed for me this morning. On some mornings nothing works! Bad dreams, overslept, no time for practice, no food in the fridge, dogs spent all night barking at the wind, or all of the above…?

Here is the key: allow yourself to have bad moments—not bad days.

You always have the opportunity to turn a day around. No matter how this morning started off, decide that today is going to be a good one. Slow down. Appreciate the little things. Know that it takes just a little bit of happy to turn a whole lotta crap into something great.

Even if the day started off on the wrong foot, don’t waste time making it worse by identifying what goes on inside of your head! Change it. Decide to be happy. Treat yourself to a really good lunch. Take a yoga class. Meditate for five minutes in your office chair. Go for a walk. Call your mom. Smile, even if you don’t feel like it. Sometimes it’s easier to start with the body. The mind will catch on once you let go of that little voice in your head that tells you things are not as they “should be” (not true!). Everything is exactly the way it’s supposed to be. You need this—be here fully and enjoy it.

I’m lying on my office couch right now, cuddling Ringo, drinking a smoothie. Applauding myself for teaching two back to back classes at the crack of dawn and not letting a bad start ruin the rest of this Monday!

Every day has the potential of beauty, of love, of magic. It’s your choice what to do with it.

I say let’s choose to have a wonderful day! You with me?


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About Rachel Brathen

Rachel is a yogi on a world tour. Born and raised in Sweden, she currently resides in the beautiful island of Aruba where she is busy teaching yoga at a resort in the mornings, coordinating retreats at noon, taking her three somewhat crazy dogs to the beach to keep up with the surf in the afternoon and trying to survive as a vegan (where no vegetables grow!) in the evenings. She firmly believes that life is not black or white – it’s black and white and blue and yellow with rays of pink and sparkle in between. You can teach yoga and still be a party animal. Meditate and ignore your spending problems. Be vegan and eat too much chocolate. Have a Swedish passport and live in the Caribbean. You can do anything, as long as it’s you! You can find Rachel on the beach, probably practicing her Astavakrasana, or on


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