January 22, 2017

Respect Us or Expect Us: Why we March for the Divine Mother.

Nowhere else in the world I would rather be today than right here. #womensmarch

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The year of transformation and new beginnings opened with an unprecedented display of the rising energy of the Divine Mother—the first step in dismantling corrosive patriarchal norms, which the 45th President of the United States, and other world leaders, notably embody.

A movement of this gravity has been long overdue.

Across 60 countries, men and women marched in solidarity to honour the Divine Feminine energy present and rising, within each and every one of us.

The energy of the Divine Mother represents the purest embodiment of feminine energy and can be expressed by men and women alike. This type of energy increases the flow of unconditional love in the universe. It is a nurturing energy of compassion, creativity and unity.

This was the driving force behind the global marches on January 21st. It was expressed in the unifying nature of the cause: regardless of gender, ethnicity or creed, thousands upon thousands took to the streets to show that women’s issues matter—that women’s rights are human rights.

The onus had to be on women to take the stand:

For there is no love as unconditional as the love of a mother.

There is no sense of nurturing so wholesome and complete as that which takes place in the arms of a mother.

There is no sense of empathy so great as that of a mother gently, yet firmly, correcting her child’s mistakes.

Sometimes, however, the feminine energy also intuits that a love so great, so boundless, so complete, necessitates a functional and balanced form of anger in order to communicate effectively and initiate meaningful, lasting change.

Many of the signs I saw yesterday were expressions of this type of anger.

“Respect us or expect us,” read one sign—a clear message that boundaries have been transgressed and that a balanced form of anger is the appropriate vehicle through which to oppose the forces which attempt to oppress and silence the feminine principle.

This was a statement of identity: women are just as valuable as men and we shall no longer be debased and devalued by outdated, patriarchal norms.

Divine Mother, for all her love and compassion, is neither stupid nor feeble.

It is love that energises her resolve. For she is secure in her love for others and equally as secure in her love of self. And it is this expression of love that we have seen pouring out across the global arena.

The world is wounded and in need of healing. The Mother energy has been debased and devalued for too long. For this healing to take place there needs to be a shift—and that shift was heralded by the election of this new presidnet. Never has the Divine Feminine felt so threatened as it has by the existence of a man who so fully embodies the repressive patriarchal regime and whose words have reflected such a profound disrespect for the feminine energy.

Ironically, our current president is just the figure we needed to inspire a movement of this kind.

Yesterday, Elizabeth Gilbert shared the following in a Facebook post:

“Without Voldemort, Harry Potter is a very ordinary boy. Without the terrifying challenges of darkness and evil, Harry never would’ve had the opportunity to find his own power, his own strength, his own leadership, and his own magic.
This is just as true for your life as it was for Harry’s. Without the presence of darkness and evil in your life, you will never be challenged to know your own goodness and courage.”

People across the globe marched as a testament to the capacity of hope to drive out fear, as a testament to the uniting power of authentic solidarity.

These affronts to the feminine energy have stirred an internal voice so powerful as to ensure that our voices and energy will not be silenced and that they begin to influence the prevailing world view. The energy of the Divine Mother must be fully restored to complement the Masculine Principle currently in place if we are to achieve a harmonious balance of energies.

This lack of balance has resulted in a distorted manifestation of the Masculine Principle. In balance, masculine energy epitomises action, direction, movement, responsibility, strength, focus, fatherhood, generosity, encouragement, material abundance, clarity and intellect. Without the grounding of the Feminine Principle, the shadow aspects of the Masculine emerges.

This “shadow side” of masculinity encourages competition and the idea of a competitive hierarchy. In this way, the power struggle between the masculine and feminine principles was born.

Where there is a struggle for power, there is always some form of abuse.

The abuse of the feminine principle is played out on the microcosm of our individual lives: girls not being educated, women not being allowed basic freedoms, women denied control over their reproductive rights. On a macrocosmic level, the debasing of the Feminine Principle manifests as the most urgent issue in our lifetime—the exploitation and rejection of Mother Earth who nurtures and sustains her seven billion children.

But these narratives of abuse can be strangely inspiring. More than anything, our fortitude and determination are highlighted. Despite the abuse, we fight on; unvanquished and undismayed.

Now, more than ever, it is imperative that we use our voices. To be truly heard we must stand together. A space has opened up where we are being given the opportunity to address our concerns like never before.

If you haven’t already, join a group in a your area that is actively working to target these concerns. Organise events to raise awareness and create momentum. Mass mobilisation is the key to change.

We will continue to stand.

We will continue to rise.

The voice of Divine Mother will never be silenced.


Author: Anne Marie Morello

Image: @elizabeth_gilbert_writer/Instagram; Marlene Dalli/Courtesy of author

Editor: Nicole Cameron

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