February 1, 2017

The 7 Best Talk Show Videos on Trump’s First Week.

How Much Damage Could The President Do In One Week?  

Building the Wall that will cost a ton and won’t even work. Immigration ban. Bannon on National Defense Council, with actual experts (Joint Chiefs) off. Pipelines are back. Obamacare is on its way out. Abortion education internationally, banned. Talking up voter fraud, and huge crowd sizes, both of which didn’t exist. Suppressing EPA and National Parks and NASA communications and staff. Cutting mentions of climate change on EPA and White House sites. Baldfaced lying (thanks, Spicer) to media. TPP, over, making way for China’s far worse TPP. “Hinted that he might lift a ban on so-called CIA black sites of prisons around the world that have been used to hold, interrogate and torture terrorism suspects in the past. Said the U.S. might resume harsh interrogations of those suspects with methods such as waterboarding. “Absolutely I feel it works,” he said. Announced no release of tax returns, ever. Bonus: 6 people in Trump’s inner circle have committed his definition of voter fraud. Announced Supreme Court nominee. Hiring freeze. “Expediting” environmental reviews. More here.

 Relephant bonus:




Seth has found his stride and purpose (the Bane moment, wow):

Colbert summed the week up well:

“People must be really angry to voluntarily go to JFK.”

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