January 7, 2017

The Howl of Connection Calls: January’s Wolf Full Moon.

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Mystery and fear have historically surrounded the full moon.

The Wolf Full Moon occurs on January 12, 4:33 a.m. MST.

It’s time to take back the power of this mighty lunar goddess and change her reputation from one of dark lore to one of light.

We can do this through remembering the way that traditional societies named the full moons. They did this by choosing an aspect in nature that was strongly prevalent during that time of year and sharing its title with the moon.

The full moon in January was traditionally called the Wolf Moon. Legend says that this became her name because of the call of the hungry wolf that could be heard during the long winter nights.

Hungry is the operative word to remember here.

Since I was small, spirit animals have come to visit me in my dreams and my waking life. However, the wolf is an animal that has only begun to visit me as an adult. I believe this is because of the great power that the wolf carries with her—before she will appear to us we must first be strong enough to understand her howl.

To resurrect full moons into events of celebration rather then nervous affairs, we can look to the spirit that is latent in them and call on its essence to bring us revelations.

For centuries, spirit animals have served as a way to connect to a deeper knowledge than our logical mind understands. They are shamanic messengers, lending their protection and support to each unique phase of our journey.

January can often be a challenging month. For me, it has started off sprinkled with a dusting of adversity. There’s a need right now for a deeper strength to rise up from within and bring us power to push through the last few months of winter. Luckily, the Wolf Moon has arrived.

The wolf can bring us the magic we need. She is the keeper of the pack, the protector of truth and has the energy to survive the darkest of nights.

She thrives, even in the winter, because she has learned to work within her community, harnessing the skill of connection.

Wolves have a strong sense of belonging and order. Each individual in the pack has a role and each wolf knows that it is only by honouring their position that they can harmoniously join together and succeed in their greater goals.

The message the wolf sends us this month is not to do it all alone.

In fact, she whispers that it is often impossible to thrive without understanding and collaborating with the systems that are here to hold us, be that community, family, work or spirit. Her howl speaks to us to find others and unite.

This is why the wolf is hungry. The darkness of winter is not meant to be bridged solitarily, for the nature of this season is too harsh for that.

The marrying of this month’s full moon and the wolf means that this is the perfect time to learn how to find the support we need all around us.

It is okay to ask for help: to reach out, to lean on each other, to seek support and to be the supporter. Notice even the small things that are helping us: like the chair that is holding us up, the tea that is warming our tummy and the crisp air that is nourishing our blood.

Wolf spirit reminds us that we are co-dependent by nature, and that when we recall this we become more powerful as we acknowledge the sacred that we all come from and that still nourishes us everyday.

Winter can feel like a lonely time. The nights are longer and people seem to stay in and be together less. But the truth is, our pack is always with us. We can find proof of this even in the cells that are choosing to come together to create the body we are living inside today.

Remember, the purpose of the power we create as we join with wolf spirit is to feed what it is that has felt starved in us. We never need to go hungry for too long if we understand the skill of connecting.

If this Full Moon finds us broken hearted, slightly lost, in need of spiritual, emotional or physical nourishment, wolf medicine can teach us how to find it. Send prayers to her on the wind and she will come.

Our pack is here; sometimes it just takes calling it under the glow of a mighty winter moon to understand this. So pause, take a deep breath in and let out a gentle howl. What we are needing for support is always near, it simply requires illuminating.



Author: Sarah Norad 

Image: used with permission from Emily Sams

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock








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