January 30, 2017

The Year of the Rooster: Finding our Best Romantic Match.


Whether Astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed. 

While finding our match, it’s helpful to know some ancient “inside” information.

The Chinese Zodiac has been used for centuries as a powerful resource for understanding coupling and its “should haves” and “should have nots.”

For those folks born in the year of the Rooster (the Chinese Zodiac sign that came into alignment again on January 28th, 2017), there are some specific romantic matches. There is also poignant information for partners to understand better this strut-worthy sign.

Unlike the Western Zodiac, the Chinese Zodiac is not ruled by the changing months. Rather, it is a system of 12 classifications correlated to specific animals in a 12-year cycle—with a different animal every year. The Rooster is one of these 12 classifications and has certain relationship requirements of its own.

One of the first things we must know about Roosters is that they are looking for their soulmate. They may drag their claws in the relationship, but that is only because they are waiting for that special one.

The Rooster is outwardly yang, energetically, however, internally ruled by the feminine quality of yin. They search for a partner who matches their vibrational balance of both masculine and feminine traits.

As the Rooster is ruled by an internal feminine force, communication and relationships are key to them. This sign has a clear voice and a desire to wield it.

Possibly slightly scattered and anxious when single, the Rooster transforms into a dreamily romantic and focused soul when coupled. Their disposition relaxes with someone who can help carry their load.

Roosters hold a strong sense of responsibility, which they can share only with a trustworthy partner. The Rooster is looking for someone capable.

By the time they settle in a romantic match, they are tired of doing all the work on their own. However, due to their resolve to create balance, the Rooster will match any gifts given by their partner ten-fold. This bird is a pleaser in all realms.

If you’re looking to make a match with a Rooster, be ready to come out of your shell. They will share their deepest secrets and hope you divulge your own. These folks are after a union that will last an entire lifetime. Being socially charming, this sign will quickly introduce you to everyone they know.

There is another side to the Rooster though, one in which their communicative pendulum swings. As loving and connection savvy as they are, in relationships they must still feel free.

Roosters require leeway to roam. This doesn’t mean days of space; it means certain sacred time assigned to them, when they can just be.

This sign respects a partner who has the confidence to let them do their thing. A happy Rooster does not live in a cage. They want to strut their own path, even while they dedicatedly hold our hand.

Traditionally, the best Zodiac pairings for the Rooster are the Ox, the Dragon and the Snake—but I like to keep in mind that these are generalizations based on qualities of personality, rather then loyalty to the sign itself.

So let’s dissect the Roosters ideal Zodiac matches through their traits instead.

The Ox and Rooster pair well because the Ox is full of passion for life. Although the Rooster can display as primarily energetic, they actually gravitate to the realm of their heads and often become stuck in the mundane.

A helpful match for a Rooster is someone who has a sparkle that wakes them up. Roosters need to be reminded of their fiery drive. Show a Cockerel a colourful display of character and they will be thoroughly intrigued.

Which leads to the next auspicious pairing of this bird with the Dragon. It is the Dragon’s creative nature that encourages the Roosters to shine. Being with a creative partner enables the Rooster to transform big dreams into concrete structures.

The Cockerel is a gifted builder. Because the king of birds is assertive, a partner who can hold their own is important—the snake sign in the Chinese Zodiac does this well.

Snakes have access to a massive power within and can use this to balance the cock-of-the-walk’s impressive strut.

(Here’s another secret; the Rooster has a strong sense of sexual adventure, which the fluidness of the snake keenly suits.)

While each of us carry many of these personality traits, it’s helpful to know which ones to encourage when seeking harmony with certain others.

Remember, the Rooster will do anything for their partner as long as we respect their needs—freedom, inspiration and connection.

If we can provide them with these offerings, we may be the soulmate this bird has patiently waited for.


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Author: Sarah Norrad

Image: Allef V./Unsplash 

Editor: Sara Kärpänen

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