January 24, 2017

This Brilliant Video Welcoming Trump may be the Lightness we need Right Now.

We each have our own unique reactions to the new President of the United States of America, and I believe it is important to honour each of them.

However, with the current heaviness laden in the air around this topic, it is pivotal to also share some levity about it.

The video below of a Dutch television show host welcoming Trump through parody might be just the perspective we need.

There is a certain kind of ego that is being wielded by the new president, and sometimes we can’t totally understand it until we see through the eyes of a more distant observer.

At times disarmingly blunt, the Dutch sense of humour has a way of pointing to a truth, without the pretty wrapping we North Americans often place around it.

Now, more than ever, we must continue to do the work to understand each other’s point of view. We do this by welcoming the voice of many to add input to our own.

As we hold space for other’s perspectives, we understand our own beliefs a little better.

Many of us are frightened right now about the impact that Trump will have on our world, but America is filled with many great people, and I believe that eventually this will balance out the situation.

We also must not forget that the U.S. is not alone, and many other countries are here to support it in positive change.

The video below makes light of things, but we all are truly in this together. America is not “first,” nor is any other country.

We are all here to keep each other in check as we navigate this new and uncertain time—and every once in a while it helps to do so with a little laughter.



Author: Sarah Norrad

Image: screenshot

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina


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