January 9, 2017

What Fuels a Writer?

What fuels an writer?

Creativity and inspiration, for sure. But there are also some concoctions that can help a spark come to light. And one of them is my own version of cappuccino. It’s not difficult to make. Here are the ingredients:

>> Organic coffee: because you have to deliver an organic content.

>> Organic rice milk: to clarify your ideas.

>> Organic almond milk: ‘cause a writer is a bit nutty.

>> Manual blender: not only for foamy results but to mix your thoughts well and make them lighter.

>> Organic cinnamon: to identify when something smells good in your story.

>> Organic dark chocolate: writing is hard sometimes. You can easily find yourself in an alley or battling an overcast feeling. That’s why you need pampering.

>> Organic poppy seeds: writing can be addictive. In order not to lose track of your writing, remember to save yourself through your hero or heroine.  

You are the heat, and this is a kind of fuel. Other people may like green juice or tea. This is just an idea for coffee lovers.

If a spark doesn’t ignite your amazing engine of creativity after this combination, you probably need the third most important element for combustion: oxygen.

So, go out and breathe.



Author: Gustavo A. González

Image: Brenda Pacheco, permission to use granted to author

Editor: Travis May

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