February 5, 2017

Beyond the Walls. {Poem}

With all the turmoil and destruction happening in so many places in the world right now that is making us feel like we are being torn apart and divided by our beliefs, by our weaknesses, by the way we look and the things that we stand for, it is imperative that we pull together and awaken to how we are all the same, even in the face of our differences.

We all feel love, pain, joy, sadness, strength and weakness. We all long for more peace, for hope, for a better future and to live happier and more balanced lives. Inside us all, exists the possibility for excellence, for unity and for trust.

It is time that we begin to actively look and recognize the resemblance between us—human, fragile and vulnerable yet resilient in so many beautiful ways. I know that there are so many technological and scientific advances that transform the way we live everyday, but for now, we only have this one planet and we only have each other to depend on for our progress and survival as a species on our earth.

We need to start taking better care of ourselves, of each other and of our planet, while holding the faith that we can do right by our children, our brothers and sisters and parents and even our forefathers (and mothers). We must practice loving-kindness through the recognition that I am you and you are me, that we are one. As the old Bantu adage “Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu” goes, a person is a person because of other people.

We need to wake up and realize that this planet is all we have. We need to stay woke, and realize that we are all we have.

May these words serve as a reminder to us all of how love can pull us into each other’s arms to uplift and support instead of breaking down and destroying:


My religion is love,
My soul is peace,
My heart bleeds truth.
My nakedness is purity,
Pure, perfect imperfection.

The light within me, is the light within you, is the light eternal;
So when I shine, you shine, we shine.

We are beacons of light, connected by an unseen string
tugging us closer together;
The connection of love.
Truth within me, is truth within you;
Such is the enlightenment of the heart,
far greater than anything that the mind can contemplate.

So journey beyond the walls enclosing the mind,
You’ll find truth will never elude you;
Step outside your mind and into your self.
Know thyself, love thyself, never doubt thyself
And remind thyself that love is, was and will always be
the saving grace of self.

So live and love freely, openly.
Radiate peace, love so strong that it can be felt from miles away.
Fall in love with light, be in love with love
That when you sleep beneath the star filled skies
you may see what is in you and what is in me:

That we are light.



Author: Banshee Beauty Boois

Image: Unsplash

Editor: Callie Rushton

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