February 5, 2017

Dear American Majority: How we Use this Powerful Tool can Change our Political Climate.

“Stop covering politics,” some of our dear readers cry every time we post something relephant. Look: politics are life. Equal rights, empathy, fair economy, healthcare. We can’t ignore what’s happening, and you shouldn’t either. ~ ed.


An orange old man born in Queens
May get us all blown to smithereens
With the fear he incites
And his affinity for fights
Staying woke is required, by all means.


I hope to one day publish a memoir and begin each chapter with a limerick. 

And in the interest of this current political chapter ending as well as it possibly can, I have some thoughts to share about how we share with each other.

Dear American Majority (a.k.a. We Whose Confidence in a Trump Presidency is Non-existent or Wavering): 

Please consider helping me on a quest to learn all we can about what is happening around us—both in our country and elsewhere—and a mission to establish some rules of social media etiquette that have been greatly lacking for too long.

As we move forward in unity, may we work to understand that arguing is not always necessary. Alternatively, may we stand peacefully, with a finger pointed at the dissonance between the real facts and what this current president and those around him want us to believe.

We can use social media as a legitimate tool for information sharing in a positive, powerful way. Please do not let us lose one another in the subtleties along the path of the political discourse of the moment. Distraction is one of the most powerful and dangerous tools this administration recklessly wields in an offer of ambiguity within the policies and executive orders being presented.

Also, may we consider a re-evaluation of our standards for what we post about this political crisis. Let us hold ourselves to the same integrity that we expect from the media. Humor and satire (and limericks) are fine as attention-getters. But please, let us choose to accompany them with thoughtful and rich words of opinion, personal feelings, or both.

As long as we have the power to join together in this way, let us live up to a standard of integrity that displays the best of our best. This need not be void of passion or freedom of speech, but with an active choice to refrain from gossip.

I, myself, will remain active on social media, doing my best to bypass that which pushes my buttons and contributes to divisiveness. I will assure that when I share information, it has been posted with thought, consideration, fact checking, and points I feel are important to ponder—for all Americans, for all world citizens—with ownership of my personal perspective.

If we vehemently disagree with another’s point of view, may we let them know with our silence on their page, or alternatively, we can share our thoughts by tagging them in posts on our own page. Disagreements may just be met with the level of respect by which they are offered. With our intent for thoughtful, respectful dialogue or sharing another perspective, may we offer comments and practice letting go of the need for the last word.

I truly do believe we are stronger together. Let us offer ourselves to the world and to each other with the quality of effort and communication that shows the best of who we are as Americans, and as world citizens.

As we ask one another to show up, let us offer a self who is deserving of this showing.

With love and consideration for all, your fellow American,



Author: Cyndy Dalton

Image: @waylonlewis on Instagram

Editor: Nicole Cameron

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