February 6, 2017

The best, and worst Super Bowl commercials.

Two of them made me proud to be American again, and showed real bravery. One of them made fun of “environmentalism,” while selling environmentalism:

The best: like a breath of fresh air. Empathy. Together. We’re all in this together. This is America. Thank you, Airbnb (which also did this right after the Muslim Ban):

And, for a brand that can’t get more All-American except that it’s no longer American, this was brave, and sweet.


A vaguely-eco ad making fun of eco? This is how you reach beyond the choir. I’m in:


Pretty god-awful: An un-eco ad that says, you’re letting the world go to hell, so hurt the earth further by importing heavy water (no better than your tap water) from a land where locals can’t afford to drink it.

The worst: Big Oil, apparently, will take us to Space.

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