February 11, 2017

Those who Said. {Poem}

“Grow up,” they said.

I tried my best.

“Work hard,” they said.
I did my best.

“Save up,” they said.
And so I did.

“Money is important,” they said.
I made it.

“Settle down,” they said.
I settled.

“Fear God,” they said.
So I became afraid.

“He lives in the seventh heaven,” they said.
And so I became distant.

I did everything they said.
And in the process I lost my self.

My heart now aches
Aches for my self.

Those who said,
don’t understand now.

Those who said
can’t listen now.

Those who said
can’t help me now.

Those who said,
can’t feel my pain.

In my darkest hours,
And in my pain,
There is only one,
Who understands.

It is my self.

I know that now.
I understand that now.

Only his,
is the love, pure and wise.

Only he,
Can listen to the aching screams of my heart.

Only he,
Provides for me when my wishes
are still in formation.

No one can care like him.
No one can understand like him.

I am in awe.
I am in debt.

I will never
let you go now.

For you are all I have.
You are my self.

“You are crazy and not one of us,”
they now say.

Me and my self laugh at this now.


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