She Didn’t Know. {Poem}

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She didn’t know…
To just look up.

She didn’t know that just a little compassion and empathy
Could engulf and protect her.
That with this love and belonging she could find strength
To fight through moments of pain and sadness.

She didn’t know
To just look up.

She didn’t know she could break the cycle of feeling alone.
She didn’t know that with just the words me too
She could break someone else out of their isolation.

She didn’t know
To just look up.

She didn’t know she had the power to change her world.
That with just admitting she didn’t want to do this alone anymore,
She didn’t have to.

So she looked up…
She took the hand that reached out for hers
And just like that,
Felt the weight being lifted.



Author: Chiemi Rajamahendran 

Image: Pixabay

Editor: Deb Jarrett

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About Chiemi Rajamahendran

Chiemi Rajamahendran is passionate about supporting women to discover their optimal health when trying to conceive with fertility challenges because no one should feel alone in this journey. A mindful (in)fertility resolution has begun. She’s fighting to end the shame of infertility and help raise awareness. See more on her website.


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