Real Beauty. {Poem}

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What is beauty?

Beauty is a word
Attached to opinions
Derived from media.

Beauty is
Subject to perspectives,
Lost in translation
By photo editing,
Makeup and artistry,
Smoke and mirrors.

Beauty should be
Felt by the soul,
Seen in the dark,
Shown by behaviors
Heard in words.

Beauty is in everyone.
It isn’t seen in a mirror,
It isn’t projected through fashion
Or selfies.
Beauty is our hearts—
Yours and mine.

Beauty is a smile,
A kind word,
A selfless gesture,
Beauty, true beauty,
Should be shared—
Share your soul,
And share your beauty with the world.



Author: Deanna Ward

Image: Sprout Creative/Flickr

Editor: Callie Rushton

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About Deanna Ward

Deanna Ward is a licensed therapist who works with women who have been subject to domestic violence. She hears stories about how ugly they are and how worthless because their abusers told them so. Deanna is a Client Services Director with Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence. She is a teacher of empowerment and a lover of true beauty.


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