April 6, 2017

Finding Your Wilderness. {Poem}

Nature is not  
Some passive place
Out there.
It’s not merely a
Scenic route,
A cluster of trees,
A towering mountain,
Or a family of wild
We peer at
From a distance
Through our
Is the source
Of our life.
This life, this moment
right here.

We may live in cities and
Surround ourselves
With concrete and brick,
But we need
Air to breathe,
Water to drink,
Plants to consume;
We are crafted
From the wilds of nature.
This relationship
Is sacred.
More than ever we
Must nurture
And strengthen this
The world needs this
More than ever.

Our cries for
More than just
The daily grind,
More than just
Paying the bills,
Running errands,
Checking to-do lists
And navigating traffic
Are rooted in
A deeper sense that
Something is missing.
A wire got disconnected
Somewhere along the way.
We were told it didn’t matter.
Just use this other wire,
It will plug you in
To consumerism,
The right school,
The right job,
But something has been
Lost along the way.

The embodiment
Of being here.
The embodiment
Of our inner wilderness;
The unedited,
The unplugged,
The wordless,
Deeply present
Stirring force
Of our own nature.
We are hungry
To listen, to be heard,
To be held,
To behold,
To connect,
To be loved
And to love.
It is time to wake up;
Just be willing
To find your breath,
To find your desert,
Ocean, forest or
And just be there.
Absorb the moment,
Let your bare skin
Connect with
The elements,

There is not just
One way to live
Your life.
Be willing
To find your wild.
Then take that back
Into the world
And live your life
On purpose.


Author: Jennifer Rose

Image: Emily Sams/Instagram

Editor: Lieselle Davidson

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Jennifer Rose

Jennifer Rose is a seeker, writer, avid yoga practitioner, and single mom to 17 year old daughter, Taryn and although she has no long list of certifications to include here (yet!) she fancies herself a student of life and is always active in self-study. Jennifer is currently in the process of finishing up a 200-hour YTT which she may put to use one of these days and self-publishing a book. She has been supporting her daughter’s unschooling path, walking an unconventional and transformative healing journey while working as part of team managing a very busy acupuncturist office.

Jennifer is most passionate about nature and the deep medicine it holds for us, embodiment as a path to plugging in to our most authentic self and how yoga and breath work can ignite our life. Jen also delights in green juices, handstands, true friends, tree hugs, horse hugs, belly laughs, travel and photography and she currently resides in Portsmouth, New Hampshire with her 17 year old daughter Taryn and two cats, Rasa and Oreo. Catch up with Jennifer on Instagram and her website. Bio photo/Robyn Ivy