June 11, 2017

I Want to Plunge into your Kisses. {Poem}

I want to plunge into your kisses.

Can every touch be an exploration to gardens so beautiful they spill into our bloodstreams like the plump nectar of plush, pink, blooming peonies?

There is no map. There is no destination.

Fall into the liveliness of this spontaneity…


Set the heaviness of expectation aside. Set fear aside. Set the immense fear of getting hurt aside. Set all those prickly protective mechanisms down, just for this moment. Because this moment is softness. It is a glowing eternity.

We don’t need armor, we don’t need to hide. Only naked hearts can pass through here.

Tumble into timelessness.

There is you.

There is me.

There is the heaven that happens when your lips touch me.

There is the tiny tear that forms in the corner of my eye when you caress my face.

There is the divinity that vibrates when your palm meets mine.

This is all.

The whole world peels away, all the busyness, and doing, and tired old pain.

Dive into sacredness with me.

We can create our own realm.

I would like to explore the vast ocean of you—all the confusion and beautiful, swirling complexity. You run so deep, I’d like to taste those sweet waters. I’d like to run my hands over your edges, your brightness, and incredible talent.

Taste me too.

Bow down at the altar of my soul, and touch me everywhere so gently, like your fingertips are iridescent peacock feathers.

Smell frangipanis in the air as you breathe in the essence of me.

Cherish me, like I’m sitting in a conch shell, the sea and sand and salt rippling through my hair, my skin sweaty and glistening in the hot midday sun.

Sink your teeth into the sweet flesh of my being. Taste me, like I’m the ripest, most succulent berry in the world.

Know me, not just as this woman you love—but an ineffable soul.

A whisper of something divine.

A mystery.

A wildness.

Know me as art in motion.

Know me as the fire that never wavers.

Know me as a river that is always changing.

And let my flowing softness move through you like tears, like morning dew, washing away all the things you don’t need anymore.

See me as your ultimate adventure. See me as inspiration. See me as nature—a lush magnolia flower that’s just about to bloom.

Don’t conquer me. Don’t clip my wings or try to own me.

Expand with me. Run with me. Soar with me. Bloom with me. Cry with me. Ride this roaring wave of ecstasy with me.

Oh, my love—there is nothing to do.

There is just being to plunge into.

There is just joy to create.

There is only more beauty to expand into.

I’d love to be with you in this way. I’d love to take this journey with you…only with you.

I want to be in stillness for hours.

I’ll taste the salt of your pain and witness the magnificent springtime of your rising.

I’d like to sit next to you and slip into infinity. Not wondering where this will lead. How much you love me. If maybe, one day, you’ll leave.

Worries will become extinct, as we drop down to experience this experience completely, and feel it’s patchouli-like headiness pulse through us, saturating our every part.

And we will peer into each other’s eyes, hands meeting, souls whispering, our beings braided together.

“These moments are golden,” I’ll whisper.

“Can we stay like this forever?”

You’ll answer silently, with a slow nod of your head, and a sensuous kiss that seems to go on for hours.

I will run my fingers through your hair like I’m uncovering the best mystery in the world. Because I am.

I wish to taste all of you—all the sparks of your magic and truth and hardship and joy. I want to lie back, naked, and bask in awe, in sun-like rays of all you are.

And I want that every day. I wish to begin the fresh process of unfurling you, with the breaking of each new dawn, our cheeks drenched in lemony sunlight, our eyes still streaked with the haziness of sleep.

Discover me too, anew.

The journey shall never stop, only going higher, then deeper, then higher again.

Twirl me, savor these precious seconds as they drip down our satisfied chins, our bodies pressed close, our souls utterly intertwined.

There is just us and this dream we are weaving.

The way our lips touch.

The hunger, the raw flame of ravenous desire that exists between us.

We don’t have to hold onto this so tightly. We don’t have to mold it into any pre-arranged shape. Because it isn’t something manufactured, like plastic—it is love.

It is meant to fly and expand and soar and pulse like the raw aliveness it is.

It is not meant to be bottled or forced or contained. It is meant to be the breath vapor of weightlessness, and drip deep inside us—surrounding us like a delicate fog that tastes of honey.

It is love.

We can giggle under the tangerine plumes of the sunrise and be so in the moment that worry itself ceases to exist.

I want to soak in the experience of you.

Experience me too.

Slowly, let us go so slowly—feeling everything, surrendering to the intense fireworks and immovable softness of all this.

There is no map. There is no destination. There is no how-to.

They don’t exist.

Everything falls away. The veil of illusion parts and dares us to step all the way in.

There is simply the willingness to step into nakedness together.

There is only the willingness to be brave enough to know that love is bravery.

I want to treat you like the sacredness you are.

There is no other way to love anymore.

I want to be drenched in the rivers of your truth

As you are drenched in mine.

I want you to treat me

Like the sacredness I am,

As we barrel into the ocean, screaming at the top of our lungs as our toes touch the sand and seashells with smiles and hope imprinted on our faces.

I want this to be like a poem,

Something we are always co-creating.


Not finished,

And certainly not perfect.

But, so juicy that perfection doesn’t matter.

A continuous adventure.

To where?

We don’t know.

And isn’t that delicious?

For love is nothing but a giant mystery.

It is not containable—but continuous. We cannot catch it, but we can experience it.

Let us slow down and feel everything.

Will you swim in the wild waters of this love with me?

Sometimes it will be calm; sometimes it will be turbulent.

Can we be committed to the constant discovery?

Can we find growth in the difficulty?

Can we find the sweetness always?

Can we hold each other

And tumble

Toward ecstasy?

Toward God

And tulips

And the ripe mouth of the Goddess herself…

Every kiss will lead us closer, every time our cheeks touch the skies will cry out in a shower of shooting stars and the oceans will bellow in delight.

As long as we stoke the flames of sacredness, we don’t have to worry about love ending.

Because what is sacred goes on forever. It is infinite—neither here, nor there, and yet somehow threaded into the golden truth of everywhere.

It is not bound by time.

And that’s how love is.

It’s smoke that rises to the heavens, like a prayer beaded through space to bloom into an infinite summer.

It’s the door of our hearts creaking open, always more open, to let the sunlight cascade inside.

It’s the way

Your lips touched mine for the first time

When the moon was succulent and reflected in your eyes—

And I knew nothing would ever be the same.


Author: Sarah Harvey
Image: PixFav/Flickr
Editor: Lieselle Davidson


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