June 17, 2017

June’s New Supermoon Magnifies Our Ability to Attract Our Heart’s Desires.


On Saturday June 24th, there will be a barely visible “Super New Moon” in the sky, which will bring to an end an intense energetic phase that started with the supermoon on April 26th.

Many of us will have felt as though we have been immensely challenged over these last few months and at times we may have wondered how much more we could take.

Whether it was quarrels with loved ones, or struggling through our daily commitments, we might have felt as though we were bouncing straight from one challenging dilemma to the next.

However, that is all about to change as this supermoon clears the way so that extremely positive life-altering energy can enter.

Cosmically, everything happens in sequences, and this current supermoon is a fine example of this. This is due to the current supermoon sequence closing its three-month portal on June 24th and delivering a six-month reprieve so that we can catch our breath, center, and prepare for the exciting possibilities and opportunities heading our way.

All new moons represent new beginnings and an opportunity to start afresh, however, they each hold their own unique meaning depending on what else is occurring celestially.

This supermoon is a catalyst for positive transformation in whichever areas of our life we choose to focus on. It is sending out an immensely powerful burst of lunar energy that gives us a chance to move with the momentum and wipe the slate clean and turn our lives around for the better.

As soon as we choose to utilize this energetic push to our advantage, we will immediately notice changes happening in unexpected, but highly beneficial ways that may catch us off guard at times.

We will metamorphise at an extremely high speed—quite unlike anything we have previously experienced or imagined possible, although this is only if we are willing to actively participate by tuning into this highly charged cosmic energy and work hard to magnetize all that we wish to receive.

To align ourselvesthere are a few simple things we must do so that we clear out stagnant energy and make space for the new.

First, it is absolutely vital that we reflect on what we’ve been through over the past 10-12 weeks. If we can make time to solely dedicate at least one hour for contemplative meditation to gently focus on recent events in our lives, we will be amazed at which experiences pop into our mind and gain our undivided attention.

Once we are aware of these dominating thoughts or emotions, we can then figure out the underlying meaning they hold.

Even if we think that over these last few months we have neatly resolved any issues that arose, or that we successfully healed ourselves from any trauma, we have received this nudge to effectively close any remaining open chapters.

Although it may be tempting to shut ourselves off to things we would rather not deal with, it is imperative that we vulnerably allow whatever is still knocking to enter. As Robert Frost said, “The only way out is through,” but before we go through we must first go in—and this means delving into the mind to unearth anything that still subconsciously bothers us. If we don’t do this, then whatever remains unresolved within our subconscious will continue to irritate and trigger us in our present life and linger on into our future.

Secondly, we must thoroughly de-clutter and feng shui  our lives to remove any obstacles and energetic blockages. This includes removing anything from our lives that is dragging us down or anchoring us, and also rearranging and organizing our personal items, commitments, and schedules. We can then prioritize who and what means the most to us, as well as setting time aside to focus on manifesting and developing our goals and dreams.

Many of us have been compromising what is important, and we have been wasting precious energy on trying to uphold certain aspects of our lives when, if we are truly honest with ourselves, we will admit that it is long past time to prune certain branches and allow old, withered leaves to fall.

The moment we set the intention to choose what is healthy and healing rather than what is diminishing and harming us, we will instantly feel a calm, peaceful, and empowering energy surrounding us.

We notice this occurring when we consciously choose to raise our vibration to one that is on a high frequency and one filled with abundance—and, in turn, the universe rewards us by matching our own high vibration with external vibrations of a similar wavelength.

Therefore, if we are willing to fearlessly open our hearts to love without conditions or expectations, in all areas of our life, and we consciously make the decision to remove high barriers so that incredible encounters can flow our way, we will naturally and magnetically attract high vibrational experiences in return.

This new moon is immensely healing and will be encouraging us to trust the path we are on and our ability to bring forth to our lives things that provide immense pleasure, harmony, and fulfillment.

This is the time to declare outright what it is our hearts long for and then to commit every day to waking up and reaching for higher versions of everything we know deep down we deserve.

To align our energy with the current lunar energy radiating there is a simple practice we can do on the evening of the new moon and, if possible, the evenings before and after it.

You will need:

>> A cushion or mat to sit on (personal choice)

>> Candles/incense/sage

>> Two sheets of paper

>> Pen

>> A fireproof bowl to safely burn a sheet of paper

>> A lighter

Go outdoors and find a place that feels sacred, peaceful, and calm.

Cleanse surrounding energy and raise the vibration of internal and external energy by saying, singing, or chanting a prayer or meaningful words and burning candles, sage, or incense.

An example is:

I accept this manifestation only if it serves my own and other people’s highest good.

I am open to change.

I welcome abundance.

I am ready to receive.

Sending gratitude for this transformational energy.

Now focus the mind solely on one particular venture or experience you would like to manifest. It will benefit the practice if beforehand you have clearly defined what it is you would like to see occurring in your life over the next few months.

The intention for the manifestation might be developing a stronger connection within one of your relationships, working toward, or achieving, a dream or goal, or relocating. Whatever it is that you wish to work on, ensure that you are 100 percent mind, body, and soul committed to the manifestation actualizing.

If you do not fully believe in your ability to manifest, or if you are unsure whether you really want it to or not, things will likely not work out the way you want them to.

With the energy of the supermoon influencing your deepest thoughts and emotions, on one piece of paper slowly and with strength and conviction write down what it is you wish to come true and the steps you are prepared to take to make it happen.

For example, you could work on altering the way you communicate so that you are expressing yourself in ways that clearly declare your intentions and show what you have to offer and also what you would like to receive in return. You can do this by letting go of feelings of lack and unworthiness and replacing them with affirmations that reflect your unique qualities and your high levels of self-faith, self-acceptance, and ability to attract.

Another example is writing a few sentences to explain how you are actively going to make changes in order to connect with the people, places, and experiences that align with your intention—like a short description detailing how you are going to join groups that reflect your interests, a plan of action to work toward getting a new job, dedicating quality time to the person you want to improve a relationship with, creating space to practice yoga and/or meditation with your manifestation at the forefront of your mind.

On the second piece of paper, write down all the things you wish to release. This may include habits that are harmful (including letting go of certain people if the dynamic is toxic), eliminating limiting beliefs that hold you back and keep you tightly boxed in, unnecessary events or commitments that are not making good use of your time and energy and that are preventing you from freely moving forward.

Then place this second sheet of paper into the fireproof bowl and carefully set it on fire. As it burns watch as the smoke rises to the sky while taking deep cleansing breaths that allow built up tension to rise with it.

When the sheet has stopped burning and there is only charred remains left in the bowl, softly blow on them so they can also travel along with the wind.

Setting fire to the sheet and watching as it burns symbolizes the moment when old thoughts and emotions transform as they release from the mind and travel out into the universe for transmutation.

Keep the first sheet of paper safe so you can take it home and place it somewhere where you can read it each morning and night to remind yourself of the intention you set. You can change your mind about something you wish to manifest at any time. If you feel this manifestation is no longer serving your higher needs, just alter it to suit your new intentions—do this by writing your intention on a fresh sheet of paper, preferably outdoors under the moon and with a candle or sage burning.

Close the ritual by joining your hands together and spending a few moments basking in the moon’s energy and offering up gratitude.

To magnify your manifestation, repeat this practice on each new moon until the next supermoon cycle begins on December 3rd.




Author: Alex Myles
Image: Flickr/Dianne Lacourcierce
Editor: Travis May
Supervising Editor: Danielle Beutell

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