June 12, 2017

Let me Feel your Dark. {Poem}


Come to me with all your dark…

all your pains, frustrations, and loves lost
that remain and keep us apart.

Let me feel the black that creeps over you at night,
that you try and hide from others’ unenlightened, skewed sight.

Let me walk alongside the shadow self you hide
and taste the things you crave
behind those brown eyes.

Show me your rage, your passion, and so-called sins…
the sex you want, the primal urge you feel from the deep depths within.

I want it all.

So drape me in your essence—
let me feel the heaviness of your dark
as I show you how beautiful it is
when brought to the light of my heart.




Author: Mandy Owens 
Image: Unsplash
Editor: Taia Butler

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Read 5 comments and reply

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